Bachmann & Welser Capital Group Provides Non-Recourse Loan for Projects by Monetizing Bank Instruments

Bachmann & Welser Capital Group is an established, independent and well-funded Monetiser of Stand-by Letters Of Credit and Medium Term Notes. It is also associated with platforms owned by renowned global banks.


The Non-Recourse Loans program ranges – in most cases the proceeds can be as much as 30% of the LTV of the instruments used as collateral for lower value instruments from banks with reduced ratings, to 80% for higher value instruments from top banks. 

Acceptable instruments to be used for collateral for these types of loans are: Stand By Letters of Credit (SBLCs), Medium Term Notes (MTNs). Face value of instruments to monetize shall be from 10 million. Instruments will need to be on screens (Euroclear, DTCC, Bloomberg).

Delivery method and/or blocking must be by SWIFT MT-760 Messages; no other delivery methods are accepted for any reason. No instruments from Latin America, Asia, India, Greece, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Cyprus or China will be accepted (except Hong Kong banks, which will be accepted on a per deal basis). A special condition applies, depending on the specific case. 

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