Oishi, the Leader in RTD Tea, Penetrates the RTD Premium Green Tea Segment By Introducing “Oishi Gold Gyokuro,” The Finest Green Tea from Japan, to the Thai

Oishi, the leader in the ready-to-drink (RTD) green tea market, is expanding its portfolio in RTD teas with the launch of “Oishi Gold Gyokuro”, a premium green tea that is well-recognized among Japanese consumers as one of the rarest teas thanks to its unique aromatic flavors, ensuring it is a step above other conventional green teas. The launch comes with the hugely popular brand presenter, Peck Palitchoke, who will tell consumers a special story of “Oishi Gold Gyukuro” with an allocated marketing budget of over 100 million baht.
Mrs. Jesdakorn Ghosh, Senior Vice President – Marketing, Oishi Group Plc., said, “2019 is truly the golden year of the premium green tea market due to the rising trend of healthier lifestyles among consumers. Consequently, premium green tea is the key factor in spearheading 30% growth in the RTD green tea market, with a market value of 1.2 billion baht (from October 2018 – September 2019).”
As the leader in the RTD green tea market, Oishi strives to develop products that serve the holistic and healthy lifestyles of current consumers through the “Oishi Gold” product range, a premium green tea that is 100% produced using the top three leaves of young green tea buds. These are meticulously cultivated from Matsuda tea plants in Omaezaki City, the most renowned source of premium green tea cultivation in Japan, guaranteed with the “Emperor’s Cup” award, and consisting of three flavors: Oishi Gold Kabusecha; Oishi Gold Genmaicha; and Oishi Gold Sencha Matcha. After launching in January 2019Oishi Gold continues to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from consumers having played an important role in boosting Oishi’s growth momentum in the RTD green tea market by roughly 3.4% (in the January to September 2019 period compared with the previous year).
In 2020, Oishi is ready to take the success of Oishi Gold to a new level by enriching the aesthetic of premium green tea with the launch of “Oishi Gold Gyokuro,” the finest premium green tea with unrivalled aromatic flavors and values providing consumers with a superior offering to other teas. The launch includes the introduction of the friendly and hugely popular presenter, Peck Palitchoke, dressed as an exceptional samurai. A substantial marketing budget was allocated to draw the attention of a new generation of consumers who tend to be more health-conscious through 360-degree marketing campaigns.
“We are certain that the new flavor will help drive an increase in sales and expand our customer base to the health-conscious consumer segment. In this regard, Oishi Gold will play a pivotal role in achieving a market expansion in the premium tea market in 2020,” concluded Mrs. Jesdakorn.
“Oishi Gold Gyokuro,” the finest premium green tea, is meticulously picked from the top three tea leaves in the early growing season. After covering the tea plantation with a net for over three weeks, the tea leaves are methodically pressed and folded by hand to release their unique ‘umami’ taste. The tea leaves are particularly rich in antioxidant properties including catechins, and L-theanine, which promotes relaxation. This premium product was packaged and designed to highlight its superior essence with a gold shade in a 400 ml. PET bottle at a retail price of 30 baht, and comes in two variants: No sugar; and Delight (less sugar), and is available at 7-Elevent convenience stores and leading supermarkets nationwide. To follow the exclusive activities from Oishi Gold, visit: www.facebook.com/OishiDrinkStation