LIXIL Thailand sets the standard for the Sanitaryware industry in the ‘New Normal’ era

LIXIL Thailand sets the standard for the Sanitaryware industry in the New Normal era

Hosts a media roundtable to talk about how Hygiene will be an important factor driving consumers demands in the coming years


LIXIL is a maker of pioneering water and housing products that solve everyday, real-life challenges, making better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere. LIXIL Thailand led by Audrey Yeo, General Manager, LWT, LIXIL (Thailand) Public Company, today, hosted a media roundtable. During the session, she spoke about LIXIL’s outlook towards the ‘new normal- post COVID era’, innovation and trends which will transform the way people view hygiene.

COVID-19 has significantly altered the course of the world as we knew it. As consumers are accepting this, they are learning to maintain high standards of hygiene, paying more attention to their personal hygiene. For us at LIXIL, it is about accelerating our already planned innovation as our strength lies in being ahead of the curve in Innovation. Consumer Centricity is at the core of every offering at LIXIL- we observe and gather consumer insights to understand even their unarticulated needs. We always ask ourselves how we can make things better to add more value to the customer.

It can be expected that subsequent to the COVID19 crisis, consumers will become familiar with their new ways of life, altering their daily routines. The need for Hygienewill surge the overall demand for products and technologies like touchless faucets, Shower toilets, IoT enabled solutions. These are products and technologies that we at LIXIL already offer and hence well poised to cater to the new trends and needs of our consumers. People would also choose to travel less and spend more time at home increasing a demand in home renovations. Commercial buildings too will need better hygiene management measures.  It will be a key decider for tenants, increasing the overall value of the properties which offer these solutions.”  said Audrey.

She also added that being a global organization gives LIXIL an edge over others, as the organisation has utilized the best of talent and technology in R&D, Design and Marketing from across the world. LIXIL already offers products which cater to Hygiene and Sustainability needs for consumers across all lifestyles, through its Water Technology brands- American Standard, GROHE and INAX.

In Thailand, American Standard is the leading brand in sanitaryware industry with over 140 years of heritage. It has been voted as Thailands Most Admired Brand for 4 consecutive years. With a clear vision of providing healthier, safer, and beautiful bathrooms the brand aims to focus on bathroom hygiene through its proprietary technology called Hygiene Clean.

The brand offers cutting edge technologies like

  • SiphonMax flushing technology with Power Rim features a dynamic vacuum mechanism with side water jets to create a powerful swirl
  • With its rimless design and two water ejection holes, Double Vortex allows for efficient flushing performance while minimizing water usage
  • Aqua ceramic is an awardwinning superhydrophilic technology that prevents dirt and dark ring stains from sticking to ceramic surfaces
  • Comfort Clean is a revolutionary ceramic glaze with zinc oxide that effectively kills E. coli bacteria inside the toilet bowl for the long term and beyond

Recently, LIXIL also initiated a campaign called Contactless Smart Hygiene. This is backed by the brand’s determination to be a leader in driving the concept of Contactless is the New Normal in Thailand. With this, the brand wants to fulfill the needs of Thai consumers both in terms of design and aesthetics; and practical functionality, coupled with exemplary technology guaranteed by global safety standards. Importantly, the brand also aims at providing impressive services for all customers, including free installation.

This year we are launching B2B initiatives with the real estate developers, our key influencers that enable us to meet the evolving demands of the Thai consumers. We also got a chance to partner with several leading real estate developers by presenting LIXILs cutting edge contactless technology, like sensor faucets and sensor flushes. And we are very happy with the response we have got from our partners.

Currently LWT Thailand is 18% of our overall Asia Pacific business (for LIXIL Asia Pacific does not include China and Japan). This number is set to grow as Thailand remains a critical market in terms of diversity of our brands, businesses and overall LIXIL presence.” said Audrey.