Tops partners with Department of Internal Trade to actively assist garlic farmers in the North to boost the purchase of Thai garlic by 30%

Amidst the spread of COVID-19 which has affected many people’s lives, including farmers who are not able to sell their produce as they normally could and sometimes face unfair pricing, Tops plays an active role in driving measures to help Thai farmers nationwide. Recently, it has partnered with the Department of Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce, to offer solutions and assistance to garlic farmers in the North of Thailand as they face unfair pricing.

Tops is the only supermarket in Thailand to commit to buying only 100% grown-in-Thailand garlic. Tops is now getting ready for the large volume of Thai garlic which will be released to the market in February – March, and aims to purchase 30% more Thai garlic than the previous year, sourced directly from garlic farmers in Northern provinces such as Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son. This helps provide a steady market for the farmers and improve the pricing to help local garlic farmers. At the same time, quality is a priority, and Tops selects only high-quality, large and easy-to-peel garlic, while offering fair prices to garlic farmers. Meanwhile, it also ensures reasonable prices for consumers in order to benefit both garlic farmers and consumers.