X-Creator Challenge Opens for Global Submissions Centering on Intelligent Equipment Solutions for Emergency and Disaster Rescue

XCMG, leading construction machinery manufacturer (000425.SZ) has officially launched X-Creator Challenge, the third and upgraded edition of the “XCMG Cup” Green Innovation Design Competition, which is composed of two competition categories – intelligent road emergency equipment design and geological disaster rescue equipment design.

Both categories of the X-Creator Challenge call for groundbreaking equipment design ideas to aid emergency and disaster relief/rescue missions after earthquakes, landslides, mudslides as well as production accidents, especially utilizing intelligent technologies to save life in urgent situations. Modification suggestions under the two categories are also encouraged to submit for prize winning.

“In 2020 alone, natural disasters affected approximately 138 million people in China so quickly finding solutions to bottleneck problems in disaster relief and rescue is of the utmost importance. New technologies such as 5G, modularized multi-functional emergency rescue equipment, quick disassembly/assembly of equipment as well as remote control are undoubtedly the key to further development,” said Xiaodong Xu, Deputy GM of XCMG Fire-fighting Safety Equipment.

Participants from around the world are now welcome to upload their designs online until June. In addition to financial awards and scholarships, first-prize winners will be given opportunities to carry out their project with universities or enterprises. Excellent contestants from the preliminary rounds may receive an interview invitation from XCMG, and exceptional winners may even receive offers to join the XCMG team.

X-Creator has set an industrial transformation funding pool totaling 10 million yuan (US$ 1.55 million). In addition to complete solution and equipment designs, excellent product and function optimization feedback submitted by international participants will also be considered for awards.

Launched in 2016, the XCMG Cup competition is part of XCMG’s 14 precisely positioned global public welfare projects and a major breakthrough of the traditional R&D model to promote technological innovation and encourage young talents to push forward the sustainable development of the industry.

Multiple concepts and innovative ideas from previous competitions have been applied in product design and development, including the compact low-noise, high-efficacy fan project from the first XCMG Cup, the multi-functional, green-powered small excavator design in the second year among others.

For more information about X-Creator Challenge, please visit: https://www.xcmgapprentice.com/