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LH Bank Ventures into the Savings Account Market Offering More than Interest,

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LH Bank Ventures into the Savings Account Market Offering More than Interest, Partnering with MTL to Launch LHB Health Care Savings Covering up to 30 Critical Illnesses “Found, Paid, Done” Coverage Up to 1 Million Baht with No Insurance Premiums

Mr. Shih, Jiing-Fuh, Chief Executive Officer and President of Land and Houses Bank Public Company Limited, revealed that current statistics in Thailand show that the highest mortality rates among Thais are due to six critical illnesses, such as cancer and tumors, diabetes, ischemic heart disease, hypertension, stroke, and kidney disease. Most of these diseases are driven by lifestyle and dietary behaviors. Therefore, the bank is committed to offering a variety of products and services designed to meet the needs of customers across all lifestyles, under the vision of delivering superior financial experiences to all customer groups.

Recently, the bank launched a savings account that provides more than just interest, offering comprehensive health protection covering up to 30 critical illnesses. This comprehensive coverage addresses both saving money and health care, including medical expenses, giving customers peace of mind if diagnosed with a critical illness. This account, named “LHB Health Care Savings,” provides “Found, Paid, Done” coverage, meaning customers are covered for up to 30 common and expensive critical illnesses with a maximum coverage limit of 1 million Baht, with no insurance premiums. Additionally, customers earn monthly interest at a rate of 0.75% per year and enjoy convenient deposit, withdrawal, transfer, and payment services. The more you deposit, the greater the protection you receive.

Individual customers aged 18-65 interested in savings with health insurance coverage can now open an account with a minimum deposit of 100,000 Baht, with no maximum limit, although the maximum coverage is capped at 1 million Baht. The insurance is provided by Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited. This product meets the needs of all customer groups by enabling them to plan for future health-related expenses.

Mr. Sara Lamsam, Chief Executive Officer of Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited, expressed great satisfaction in elevating the business partnership with Land and Houses Bank through the launch of the “LHB Health Care Savings” account. This product addresses wealth creation through savings, offers peace of mind with death coverage, and provides extensive health protection for 30 critical illnesses. This helps create peace of mind for customers, as in the event of an unexpected incident, they can receive a lump sum for health care without affecting their savings. The coverage includes invasive cancer, acute heart attack, chronic kidney failure, fulminant viral hepatitis, major stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, bacterial meningitis, and severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or end-stage lung disease, etc.

Additionally, customers of the “LHB Health Care Savings” account can access innovative services from Muang Thai Life Assurance, such as the MTL Click Application, which consolidates all services for easy access, including policy checks for benefits and coverage, and the MTL Health Buddy, a comprehensive health assistant service. Customers can consult with specialists, find appropriate doctors, schedule appointments, and receive treatment through a nationwide network of participating hospitals by calling 0 2290 2424 ext. 3. The MTL Fit Application helps customers better understand their health through fitness tracking.

This collaboration marks another significant step in the mission to democratize insurance, making life insurance accessible to everyone by designing and developing products and services that truly meet diverse needs. The goal is to provide everyone with stable insurance and a sustainable quality of life, creating happiness and smiles for all involved parties.

Interested individuals can open an “LHB Health Care Savings” account at any LH Bank branch nationwide. For more details, visit www.lhbank.co.th or call 1327.


– Land and Houses Bank Public Company Limited, as a life insurance broker, only presents life insurance products and facilitates premium payments. Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited is responsible for coverage terms and benefits as specified in the insurance policy.

– Conditions are as specified by Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited.

– Underwriting is subject to the Company’s rules.

– MTL Health Buddy service by Muang Thai Life Assurance is an advisory service for customers only/ for medical treatment for non-emergency or non-urgent injuries or illnesses only. The conditions are as specified by Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited and participating hospitals.

– Coverage period under the group term life insurance policy and group CI rider in this campaign is as per the terms set by Land and Houses Bank Public Company Limited.

Warning: Buyers should understand the coverage details and conditions before deciding to purchase insurance.

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