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La Lanta Fine Art is pleased to present “COLOR DIARY” by eight artists from BGC GLASS STUDIO

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June 29 – August 6, 2024

La Lanta Fine Art

La Lanta Fine Art is pleased to present “COLOR DIARY” by eight artists from BGC GLASS STUDIO, Thailand’s first art glass studio supported by BG Container Glass Public Company Limited.

The COLOR DIARY exhibition highlights the highly skilled and sophisticated techniques of remarkable glass art done by Thai artists.  Over 30 glass artworks in different shapes, forms, and techniques are on view.  The exhibition also presents a public program of glass artwork demonstration on the opening day on Saturday 29, 2024 from 5 to 7 pm.

The work on display in the COLOR DIARY exhibition includes;

Chattakan Vongsiri presents “Look at Me!” to tell a story through the “glass blowing” and “hot glass sculpting” techniques, creating almost 100 glass pieces meticulously crafted with breath, heat, and hands. It conveys the artist’s distinct feelings on different days. These pieces form a wall between the artist and their surroundings, representing life viewed through the perspectives of second and third parties. The stories being told distort the artist’s true image and identity.

Ake Rodmek presents “Flower of Fear” drawing from the artist’s experience as cancer survivor. He creates small glass flowers connected inside and outside a transparent glass tube, symbolizing the growth of fear within the body and mind. It represents the struggle to cope with daunting and fearful emotions when life becomes fragile.

Porntawee Papim presents “Newborn” to express the spectrum of colors during moments of transformation, using lines and colors on flowing yet static glass rods. It captures memories between limitations and liberation through skilled glass art techniques combined with free thinking.

Niphun Mahamongkol uses glass welding and stretching techniques to present “Save Money” which portrays the ideas of saving money in comparison to collecting eggs in a basket.  He creates complete and incomplete egg and basket shapes. The red, purple, and gray colors used are borrowed from the shades of banknotes, alluding to financial management and astute saving habits.

In “RE/LEAF: GRAVITY OF MIND” by Nathakorn Kanitvaranun, the artwork represents the cyclical changes in nature and the human mind, linked to the growth, wilting, and rebirth of flowers with their naturally unique colors. This is achieved by mixing ceramic and oxide powder into the glass, reflecting transformation and mental growth from learning past experiences.

Udomsak Rachderm’s work, “Mood from the Last Year”, conveys the colors of paused moments through landscapes that evoke happiness and loneliness, revealing the beauty of nature that is simple yet profound. It reflects a beauty indescribable in words but palpable through personal experience.

“2 Gether” by Jeerasak Chuenta draws inspiration from learning glass art techniques from teacher Jeremy Popelka, expressing memories and impressions through distinctive colors and patterns.

Lastly, “Flower Puff Girl” by Kolanya Chaoun presents the complexity and beauty of women through colorful glass flowers, simultaneously representing their delicacy, fragility, growth, and strength.

The COLOR DIARY exhibition thus documents each artist’s stories, emotions, and life experiences. Each artwork is like a page from a personal diary, inviting viewers to read, feel, and experience the diversity of life from different perspectives.

The exhibition reception will be organized on Saturday, June 29, 2024, from 5 PM to 8 PM and will run from June 29 to August 6, 2024.

La Lanta Fine Art is located at 3rd floor, 2198/10-11, Narathiwas Rajanakarin Road Soi 22, Chongnonsi, Yannawa, Bangkok.  Opening hours Tues. – Sat., 10 am – 7 pm.

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