Making Life Better – Solutions for Water and Wastewater Treatment from Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand Inc. (NYSE:IR), a global provider of mission-critical flow creation and industrial solutions, is proud to launch its range of water and wastewater treatment solutions. Designed to help make life better, Ingersoll Rand’s products and solutions are the perfect fit for any application within the water and wastewater treatment industry.

Facing Common Challenges

Population growth and climate change continue to put pressure on areas where water resources are scarce. At the same time, rising average incomes and changing expectations are driving customer demand for environmentally friendly solutions to everyday problems, such as wastewater management.

As demand increases, municipalities need to expand and increase their capabilities to not only provide safe and potable water, but also to effectively dispose of wastewater; all while complying with tightening regulatory requirements and meeting increasingly demanding customer expectations. Energy efficiency, productivity and reliability are essential.

Ingersoll Rand has a deep understanding of these common challenges, and is able to deliver the right solutions; enabling our customers to provide services that make life better.

Single Source Solutions

Collaborating with a single source supplier can help reduce costs by streamlining administrative processes, improving operational efficiencies, and even helping to drive innovation and growth. Through our stable of trusted brands, Ingersoll Rand offers a comprehensive range of efficient, reliable, high performance solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of the water and wastewater treatment sectors.

Wastewater treatment plants supply clean water to millions of people worldwide. Our products and services play an essential role in this, enabling and driving the wastewater treatment processes that remove harmful chemicals and pollutants, providing the highest quality water possible. We offer a broad portfolio of compressors, blowers, pumps, and vacuum products that are designed to enhance efficiency and productivity at every stage of the treatment process.

Expert Advice & Customer Care

With over 160+ years of experience and history, and over 40+ trusted brands that offer market-leading solutions and services, we are the ultimate partner for vacuum, blower, and compressed air solutions. Our global customer base relies on our products to help them solve even the most complex wastewater treatment challenges.

Each of our brands brings a distinct offering and unique benefits to our customers. Robuschi, Hoffman & Lamson, Albin Pump, and Elmo Rietschle offer a wide range of blowers and pumps tailored for applications such as aeration, filtration, and gas boosting; Wittig is the trusted name in biogas production; and Milton Roy, LMI and Dosatron are the specialists in  providing high quality metering and agitation systems. Additionally, Ingersoll Rand offers a wide variety of air compressors that are tailored to meet the air demands of a wide range of wastewater treatment processes.

Experience Matters

Ingersoll Rand has a long history of commitment to both innovation and continuous improvement, as well as our customers. Our extensive experience, combined with our cutting edge products, allows us to help our customers to continually tackle new challenges, and ensure that their business reaches its maximum potential; without compromising their sustainability goals or their commitment to the environment.

Rely on us to maximize the reliability, performance, and efficiency of you wastewater treatment operations, and let us help you to make the world a better place for your customers.