Celebrating its 30th anniversary, NIVA American stays true to its holistic education ethos

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, NIVA American stays true to its holistic education ethos and continuing passion for creating ethical leaders of the future.


A leader in holistic international education accredited by the renowned, US-based Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), NIVA American International School (NIVA) celebrates its 30th year of success in equipping the world’s future leaders with a holistic, progressive, and affordable education that imbues students with the mastery of cutting-edge technology as well as other essential skills afforded by its modern facilities, whether in the academia, music, arts, performing arts, or sports. NIVA alumni have gone on to world-class universities and made their mark on the world.

“The teaching and learning approach employed by NIVA has helped create a learning society and develop the potential of and ignite the energy that lies within every child. Over the past thirty years, NIVA American International School has used an American curriculum together with a holistic education philosophy that simultaneously develops students intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. NIVA’s unique approach to education represents a harmonious balance between the strengths of Asia and Europe and the United States.

Mr. Nathannont Chaisuriyanthan, NIVA’s founder and executive said “We encourage our students to put what they learn into practice, express their thoughts, realize their ideas, and develop their own potential to the fullest, for we believe every child has his or her own unique potential, talents, and skills and is capable of success in his or her own right. Those graduating from NIVA have been able to continue their education at the university level both in Thailand and abroad and take advantage of all the opportunities and handle all the challenges that come in their way with confidence. They have also led their own communities in making this world a better place in the future.

NIVA’s holistic curriculum helps students learn multi-dimensionally and become aware of and understand the world around them by connecting their logic, thoughts, mind, and emotions with information. The following pedagogies are employed depending on the age of the learners:

  1. Theme-based Learning joyfully stimulates and enables young persons to naturally observe, understand, and learn a wide range of skills through diverse themes.
  2. Standard-based Learning uses an advanced, highly detailed evaluation technique to foster and gauge the students’ academic accomplishment at the individual level.
  3. Authentic Learning helps students learn through real-life practices, collaboration, systematic and logical thinking, deliberation, and problem solving.

In addition, NIVA creates opportunities for students to discover and develop their passion and talents under the close guidance of qualified, experienced teachers and personnel. Moreover, NIVA is one of a handful of international schools in Thailand that offers the US Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Sufficiently high AP scores may earn a student advanced standings or university credits at many colleges in the United States.

To usher in its fourth decade of excellence, NIVA now offers a 50% discount on the entrance fees or discounts of up to 100,000 baht on the tuition fees for siblings enrolling at the same time. These special offers are valid for students enrolling from today until May 31 only.

Find out more about NIVA or arrange to visit the school at https://niva.ac.th/book-a-tour/ or Tel. 02 948 4605, 081 753 8162.