Aetina Releases Rugged VPX Board V3T5000-WRC & V3T3000-QRC, Powered by Quadro RTX GPU

Aetina Corporation, an industrial embedded GPGPU solutions provider, announces the new series of rugged VPX boards powered by Quadro RTX GPU. The news coming product includes V3T5000-WRC & V3T3000-QRC, both the rugged CUDA-enable GPU computing module in 3U VPX and compliant OpenVPX 65, which stands for harsh environment. Perfectly fit in the industry like defense, aerospace, vehicles, aviation, UAV, ground vehicles, and marine.

V3T5000-WRC & V3T3000-QRC rugged GPGPU powered by Turing™ -based NVIDIA Quadro, comprising V3T5000-WRC and V3T3000-QRC that includes a Quadro RTX5000 and RTX3000 embedded GPU individually. The Quadro GPU with ISV certification provides stable and reliable operation when cooperating with the workstation. Also, the GPUDirect and ECC memory function, for lower transmission latency and more accurate computing. This lineup provided 16GB memory and x4 multi-display output benefits more AI computing applications in harsh environment scenarios.

Aetina VPX GPU enables a high-efficient image to decode/encode by NVIDIA Quadro RTX Turing GPU computing architecture, driving 8K/4K video encoding at 30 fps with the uplift in bitrate. The highest level of these newly announced products are powered by RTX5000 is powered by NVIDIA Quadro Turing TU104. It contains 3072 CUDA cores, 384 Tensor cores, and 48 RT cores, driving the ultimate 9.4 TFLOPS peak FP32 performance and dedicated AI inference, providing more than 2X faster than the previous generation. It is the top extension of GPGPU processing with revolutionary rendering technology that maximizes complex visualization and signals verisimilitude image analysis.

“To bring our customers a better solution for their vertical market, we reply to the market demands and develop a suitable product.” Aetina Product Manager Jackal Chen said. These rugged VPX boards are equipped with the new generation of RobustCool™ thermal systems. The conduction-cooling uses a copper-based heat frame to enable superior thermal conductivity efficiency and comprehensively speed heat transfer from GPU to the heat frame and the VPX chassis, support an extensive range of temperatures from -40 to 85 degree Celsius.

Longevity is Aetina’s core service, new series of VPX modules also have five years of long-term supply, and an exclusive engineering support team is available for each customer.

Rugged VPX Board V3T5000-WRC & V3T3000-QRC are available now. For more information, please contact us at or visit our website at


Caption – Aetina released Rugged 3U VPX Board V3T5000-WRC & V3T3000-QRC, powered by NVIDIA Quadro GPU.