AIS 5G Business backs Thai companies to cope with Covid NOW NORMAL Physical to Digital Transformation now key to survival

Tanapong Ittisakulchai, Chief Enterprise Business Officer (CEBO) at Advanced Info Services Plc. (AIS) noted, “The worldwide context of impacts from Covid-19 has been utterly transformed since last year to the present. 2020 was about coping with the emergency and learning about how and what to adjust. The pandemic situation at the end of 2021’s first quarter confirmed that Covid-19 has become our current context or NOW NORMAL. The result is that the online and digital worlds have become an inseparable part of daily life for every consumer group. Every business organization must migrate from Physical to Digital, transforming every work process to be quicker and more cost-efficient. A New Business Model must be created to meet the needs of people’s Work From Home lifestyles around the world, and for corporations to keep going without upsets despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We have found that most companies have made significant adjustments to deploy more digitally. Some 38.6% have put in online sales channels, and 79.3% now accept online payments. During the lockdowns engendered by more severe outbreaks, 57.1% of corporations have created Online Channels as their number one priority. SMEs have clearly adapted in four main areas: boosting sales promotions in online markets, encouraging corporate innovation, increasing adaptability to change, and using technology as a management tool to review cost structures.”

Tanapong continued, “AIS Business is there for your corporation as ‘Your Trusted Smart Digital Partner.’ We are ready to back every organization, from SMEs to large enterprises, in every industrial sector. We will support every company to deploy digital technology, and bring about efficient digital transformation. We create end-to-end business formats incorporating social distancing, WFH and LFH. For instance, the launch of has transformed retail to another level, and has given opportunities to SME operators to access their customer base through Online Shopping channels. Alternatively, there is Digital Yacht Quarantine, which applies IoT to transform the business model for tourism operators.

“The top 10 technologies which every corporation should be paying attention to and looking at ways to incorporate them into business processes are 5G, IoT, Cloud&EDGE Computing, Extended Reality, AI/Machine Learning, Robotics, Big Data & Analytics, Cyber Security, Robotic Process Automation and Blockchain. AIS Business is fully prepared to work with every organization to overcome the crisis of this pandemic, and complete their transformation to the world of Digital Business.”

The seminar “AIS Business Digital Future 2021” is aimed as an update on new digital trends. It is an opportunity to share use case studies of success in various industries of deploying Digital Solutions, which leverage the potential of technologies such as Cloud, Cyber Security, IoT and 5G. The idea is to be an inspiration and a role model to different companies. For this event, AIS has teamed up with partners who are leading global and national corporations and organizations such as Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, National Digital ID (NDID), Microsoft Thailand, SC Asset Corporation, Toyota Motor Thailand, Palo Alto, VMWare, BOSCH, Kiatnakin Bank, SCN, datafarm, Gorilla and Opsta. They will share the most up-to-date information covering every dimension, and a large number of use cases. Thai entrepreneurs who are interested to join, or just want additional information, can contact the AIS sales team looking after their, account or visit the AIS Business website on