OPPO Officially Upgrades OPPO App Market and Gravity Plan

OPPO, a leading global smart device brand, launched the OPPO App Market V9.0 on May 7th. This new Version was initiated to help developers serve the users better. OPPO App Market also upgraded the Gravity Plan, unlocking more localized targeting capabilities and traffic support policies.

New Features for App Management

Full lifecycle services, more than a download tool

With the gradual hike in usage of the application market, users prefer an App marketplace which can provide higher quality content and security for their data, instead of just a download tool. Therefore, OPPO App Market provides users with overall experience of Downloading Apps with App security reports, Cleanup suggestions, Data-saving updates, as well as App reviews and App installation rewards.

OPPO considers developers as the most precious partners. The App Market has been released in countries including India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines, reaching 130 million monthly active users on March 2021.

Unlocking billions of exposure resources, and effectively supporting developers

For most developers in Southeast Asia, continuous access to traffic and user operations become more challenging. OPPO has been proactively building a strong foothold in various markets with its own cooperation ecology, to support developers in this area in overcoming the challenges faced.

Gravity Plan provides partners with a series of resource support such as development, traffic acquisition, marketing and promotion. It has now been upgraded to unlock more operation capabilities, promotion schemes and traffic support.

  1. Campaign Cooperation

Developers now can launch promotional events by adopting to local festivals of the various markets, as an effort to reach out to more users. By simply using a template to enable their app to be featured in the OPPO App Market, developers will be provided by prominent promotion placement positions and event-rich categories.

  1. Content Cooperation

OPPO App Market aims to help developers to cater Apps to users with rich and interesting infographic videos and banners. It also helps developers to acquire high-quality traffic through high-quality exposure recommendations on the homepage.

In the future, OPPO App Market will continue to support developers with more ecosystem friendly policies and remain committed to working with partners to build a cooperative and open Internet ecosystem for a mutual growth.