The World’s Largest Charity Cryptocurrency ELONGATE Announces Kimbal Musk Interview and EB Research Partnership Donation

ELONGATE, the world’s first and biggest charity crypto token, reveals plans for an interview with Kimbal Musk, online store launch, and EB Research Partnership Donation. This news comes a week after Elongate was listed on its first major exchange BitMart and days after a successful audit by CertiK. CertiK is a blockchain company that conducts security audits of other blockchains, DApps, wallets and smart contracts. Elongate was officially on-boarded on May 5th, 2021 and received a high security score of 88.

Elongate has also helped raise over US$2,300,000 for organizations such as Children International, Action Against Hunger, The Ocean Cleanup, Big Green, Human Relief Foundation, Mark Rober’s Color The Spectrum, and Give India in less than two months from launching their operations. Recently, Elongate donated US$150,000 to EB Research Partnership (EBRP) which is the largest global organization dedicated to funding research to treat and cure Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). Through their work, EB Research Partnership is on the precipice of a cure for EB and the methodology to develop cures for millions suffering from other rare diseases.

In an upcoming charity party event that is set to be hosted on May 24, 2021, Kimbal Musk will be joining Elongate live on Twitch to discuss the incredible work that Big Green and the Million Gardens Movement are doing to bring garden education and garden resources to underserved communities across North America. Elongate donated US$400,000 to Big Green, a non-profit organization founded by Kimbal Musk in 2011 to address diet-related health disparities and create healthy places where kids can learn and grow. This year Big Green co-launched the Million Gardens Movement with online publication Modern Farmer to create a social movement to unleash the transformation power of gardening to fight hunger, support climate action, and increase resilience. 

Elongate is also in the process of launching the world’s first charity-focused exchange, the Elongate charitable-impact wallet, NFT campaigns and other exciting crypto innovations by the second quarter of 2021. The team is about to release the revamped Elongate website, roll out NFT’s, and incorporate merchandise that will be launched next week. All merchandise sold through the shop will have 80% of the proceeds donated to charity. Elongate’s targeted release date for these new additions is by May 27, 2021. Sharing his excitement with the community, Brian Lobeda, Chief Product Officer at Elongate, exclaimed: “Our product team is truly ecstatic to complete and reveal our revamped website, merch and NFT pages. The Elongate ecosystem will continue to expand over time, and launching these at an early stage of our journey gives us the chance to share our solid vision to our community.”

For more details about Elongate’s charitable efforts, visit their Twitter and Instagram for constant updates, as well as tuning in to their weekly charity livestream via Twitch every Sunday at 12 PM EST.

Currently, Elongate consists of a community of 450,000 holders, with a total following of more than 300,000 users across all its platforms and channels. For more information on Elongate, visit


Caption – Elongate will be co-hosting a charity party with Kimbal Musk, founder of the Big Green organization, on May 24 at 6PM EST.