Kwai becomes the first social network in history to sponsor the CONMEBOL America’s Cup

  • Latin America will be able to see the most exclusive, entertaining and happy seconds of the 47th edition of the CONMEBOL Copa América 2021 thanks to the partnership between CONMEBOL and Kwai.
  • Kwai, with an investment of US $10 million, launches its Sports Creators Program, through which it will support and promote sports content creators in the region, under a model that allows for monetization.
  • Kwai, the short video application that exploits the creativity of millions of users throughout Latin America, will be the social network that will seek to transform the experience of how South American football is lived and watched.
  • @CONMEBOLCopaAmérica and @CopaAméricaBR will be the official channel for exclusive content of the CONMEBOL Copa América. Likewise, through @KwaiFutbol and @KwaiEmCampo, differential content of the tournament will be transmitted.

Less than a month away from the kick-off of the oldest soccer tournament in the world, CONMEBOL Copa América 2021 and Kwai come together to announce the application as “the official social network of the CONMEBOL Copa América 2021”. With this partnership, thousands of users and soccer fans will be able to enjoy unique content in the most interactive and dynamic application available to content creators.

Inspired by the passion that football arouses, during the three weeks of the competition, Kwai will organize numerous in-app events, so that all users of the platform will be able to participate in 15 # DesafíosCopa, in which numerous activities with celebrities will be held. Also, some of the challenges will be via livestreaming and all users will be able to earn money and incentives for participating and being active in the referral program.

“We are very proud to partner with CONMEBOL   in the framework of the development of this important competition. This sponsorship occurs at a key moment for the brand in the region, and we will soon begin to promote a specialized program to develop and promote sports content creators in Latin America. From now on, we can all be the lens of the other side of the games and go beyond the 90 minutes, which is inspiring and mind-blowing. We want to highlight the passion and vibrant spirit of Latin American soccer”, said Kai Shao, General Manager of Kwai Latin America.

This partnership seeks to revolutionize the way of experiencing the celebration of football from a distance. Thus, all users and football fans will be able to exploit their creativity, share their passion and their shouts to the rhythm of the singing of a goal.

Official accounts from KWAI for the CONMEBOL Copa América 2021

All Kwai users will be able to access the official account @CONMEBOLlCopaAmerica and @CopaAméricaBR where exclusive and unique content from the organizer will be generated, to see each play of the event from another perspective. There the official music of the tournament will be shared, what the official ball will be like, a start countdown will be carried out, the opening ceremony, behind the scenes from the dressing rooms, press conferences, fan celebrations, daily news, live streamings (as part of the new functionality of the application), among others. Added to this, is the creation of the @KwaiFutbol and @KwaiEmCampo account, in which complementary content about this sport and the region’s celebration of soccer will be generated.

Throughout the CONMEBOL Copa América 2021, soccer fans, regardless of the country where they are, will be able to witness the moments off the field of the National Teams, in order to enjoy the most emotional seconds of the tournament with their favorite players.

“It is the first time that CONMEBOL will celebrate an association of this scope through a digital entertainment platform. We are very excited and expectant for the possibility of reaching millions of Latin American users through Kwai and that they also reach us with content never seen before“, expressed Juan Emilio Roa, Commercial and Marketing Director of CONMEBOL. “We know that football is not only experienced on the field, but also on social networks, especially in this time of sanitary restrictions. That is why we will be working on exclusive content in Kwai so that fans can enjoy every moment of the tournament, as if they were there“.

With a $10 million investment, Kwai launches Sports Creators Program

With the Sports Creators Program, Kwai is committed to encourage and develop sports content creators, who will be able to grow hand in hand with Kwai. This is why the application will invest US $10 million to support sports creators throughout the region, through a program that offers specialized workshops for the creation of content, as well as guidance and support from a team of experts in the field. As an important incentive, creators will be able to monetize their content.

“Sports content is among the most sought after by users of social networks. We believe that in the region there are still many opportunities to help creators to professionalize their productions, so within the framework of the CONMEBOL Copa América 2021 we will launch an incentive and training program for creators in the field of sports content“, said Arturo Martínez, General Manager for Kwai Spanish Speaking Latam.

Kwai promotes a social network of short videos that transcends instant trends and encourages real moments of happiness in the daily routine of real people, which is why users find authentic stories in the app, as well as a community with which they connect and relate quickly.