Zoomlion’s smart tower crane plant in Central China put into operation

Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd., also the biggest tower crane producer around the world, put the second phase of its central China-located smart tower crane plant into operation on May 17.

Hence, its smart factory, which covers a total area of 49.33 hectares, is producing the largest wind tower cranes in the world. With fixed-asset investment of 1.8 billion yuan, it is expected to generate output value of 20 billion yuan annually.

Alongside the factory’s operation, Zoomlion formed a production pattern characterized by one smart plant, two “lighthouse” workshops or the world’s most advanced workshops in other words, three smart stereoscopic warehouses and four unmanned production lines, marking a step further on its road to comprehensively intelligent manufacturing.

Currently, the company is capable of producing tower cranes of full series with their sizes ranging from 63 ton·meter to 20,000 ton·meter. For every 18 minutes, a tower crane comes off its assemble line, marking a speed that ranks high among those of its domestic and global peers.

Year to date, Zoomlion has manufactured over 150,000 tower cranes to enable construction projects worldwide and boasts for a long time the highest market share in the world.

Tang Shaofang, vice president of Zoomlion said the Changde City-situated smart factory completed comprehensive, digital and green upgrading and realized production of tower cranes with world class sizes and quality.

On Monday, the company held a delivery ceremony for the world’s largest luffing jib tower cranes used for wind turbine hoisting labeled LW2340-180, a product with a maximum rated lifting load of 180 tonnes, fixed maximum lifting height of 180 meters and max operating range of 68 meters and capable of hoisting onshore wind power generating sets with six megawatts of installed capacity.

By building smart manufacturing bases elsewhere in east China, Zoomlion is accelerating its smart, digital and green transformation to become one of the world’s strongest tower crane producers.


Caption: The opening ceremony of the second phase of Zoomlion’s smart tower crane factory located in Changde City of Hunan, central China

Caption: The smart tower crane factory of Zoomlion, located in Changde City of Hunan, central China

Caption: The delivery ceremony of the LW2340-180 wind power-based boom tower crane