Challenge the Zeed! Pizza Hut Teams Up with Samyang to Serve Real Cheese Pizza Plus Hot Spicy Korean Sauce

Pizza Hut 1150, a global pizza brand operated by PH Capital Company Limited, in collaboration with “Samyang”, a famous instant noodle brand from South Korean, creates the world’s first hybrid Korean pizza that is so spicy to the heart, namely Zeedest Hut Samyang Hot”. The Zeedest Hut Samyang Hot is loaded with Samyang Buldak Hot Chicken Ramen or Samyang Hot Chicken Noodles, the signature black sachet with a strong spiciness, paired with a mouth-watering New Orleans chicken, spinach and 3 types of original cheese from Pizza Hut. Consumers can enjoy the “Zeedest Hut Samyang Hot” at only THB 399 with a free 1.49-liter bottle of Pepsi from now until July 21, 2021 at every Pizza Hut outlets or order delivery via call center at 1150 and

Ms. Ausana Mahagitsiri, PH Capital Chief Executive Officer, revealed “Samyang and Pizza Hut have many things in common, i.e., being an international brands with good reputation in Thailand and having a similar brand promise – “never stop offering new experience for consumers”. This strategic partnership is an extraordinary milestone. The goal is to create a new phenomenon in pizza market. Consequently, “Zeedest Hut Samyang Hot” menu offers a perfect combination of Pizza Hut’s flavorful cheeses and spicy Samyang Buldak noodles. We are confident that it will surely appeal to young consumers and working people who love Korean spicy taste and Pizza Hut’s real cheese.”

For each collaboration marketing of Pizza Hut, it proves that beyond boosting up sales volume and expanding into new customer base, it can help modernize the Pizza Hut’s brand image and enhance consumers’ perception of being a “Yes” brand for energetic teenager and working-aged groups.

Let try it now! Challenge your ultimate Zeed tolerance! Customers can enjoy “Zeedest Hut Samyang Hot” with customized two levels of spiciness – Standard Hot Spicy and Double Hot Spicy and get a sachet of Samyang sauce (limited availability) and a 1.49-liter bottle of Pepsi for free, for just THB 399 from today until July 21, 2021.