Pizza Hut Unveils Its First “Hottest Pizza Challenge” in Thailand A LIVE Spicy-Eating Competition with Zeedest Hut Samyang Hot Pizza

Pizza Hut 1150, a global pizza brand operated by PH Capital Company Limited, unveils its first “Hottest Pizza Challenge” – a LIVE spicy-eating competition in Thailand. Pizza Hut challenges consumers to test their spicy tolerance and speed eating with Zeedest Hut Samyang Hot Pizza. Participants in the “Hottest Pizza Challenge” can submit their video clips today until 16 June, 2021 and have a chance to win prizes worth more than THB 100,000!

The rules of competition are as follows:

  • Firstly, order a Big Slice of Zeedest Hut Samyang Hot
  • Secondly, produce a video clip showing millisecond time record when eating one whole piece of the pizza without drinking water.
  • Thirdly, after complete eating the pizza, speak out the slogan: “Pizza Hut, Zeedest Hut Samyang Hot, Phed Zeed Zeed, Cheese Yerm Yerm” (พิซซ่า ฮัท ซี้ดเด็ดฮัท ซัมยังฮอต เผ็ดซี้ดซี้ด ชีสเยิ้มเยิ้ม)
  • Fourthly, post the clip on their own Facebook with hashtag, #Pizzahuthottestcontest #ซี้ดเด็ดฮัทซัมยังฮอต
  • Lastly, upload the clip in comments under the competition post on Facebook: Pizza Hut (TH)

Twenty fastest-eating participants will become the winners in the first round of competition and will receive one WIKO Power U20, a smart phone with durable battery! Only five persons of 20 winners in the first round will enter into LIVE spicy-eating competition on June 26, 2021, hosted by Mr. Thongchai Thongkanthom or Pingpong, a famous entertainer. The winner of final round will get cash reward. Everyone will be able to watch the match and join “Guessing the Winner Activity” via real-time comment posts.

Interested participate in the “Hottest Pizza Challenge” with Zeedest Hut Samyang Hot menu can find more information about rules and conditions by clicking* or at Facebook: Pizza Hut (TH).