KVD Beauty Appoints Celebrity Makeup Artist, Nikki Wolff as Global Director of Artistry

KVD Beauty Nikki Wolff

Tattoo-inspired vegan beauty brand, KVD Beauty introduces its new Global Director of Artistry, world-renowned, British makeup artist Nikki Wolff. Best known for creating glamorous, graphic looks and mastering the so-called natural glow, Wolff is loved by celebrities, press and influencers alike, notably having worked with Dua Lipa, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Yara Shahida, and Kendall Jenner, among many others. Her work has gained her a massive fan following of over 1.7 million on Instagram under her eponymous handle @Nikki_Makeup.

Serving as the Global Director of Artistry, Wolff joins the talented Global Veritas Artistry team which include @FannyMaurer from France, @ChristianSchild from Germany, @TheSandraSaenz from U.S.A., and @AnthonyHNguyenMakeup from U.S.A. As part of her role, Wolff will also consult on new product development and innovation as well as serving as a lead artist on KVD Beauty’s branded campaigns and marketing efforts. 

“KVD Beauty continues to amaze me with their innovation of high quality and high-performance makeup, truly representing next-level artistry,” states Celebrity Makeup Artist Nikki Wolff. “As a member of the makeup artist community, I’ve always counted on the brand to deliver versatile products that have aided me in editorial shoots, red carpets and more. Being a great makeup artist is all about experimentation and practice and their products give me the creative freedom to do so. I’m so honored to be taking on the role as Global Director of Artistry at KVD Beauty and I am excited to work together on new product launches and overall, be a part of their legacy in the makeup industry.”

“We’re so thrilled to be collaborating with Nikki Wolff and welcome her to the KVD Beauty team,” states Tara Loftis, Global Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations for Kendo Brands. “We have been following her career since the very beginning and have been in constant awe at the influence she has had – she’s become an Instagram celebrity in her own right! Her vision and commitment for the craft aligns seamlessly with the brand. We are excited for her involvement in the product development process as KVD Beauty continues to deliver tattoo-inspired makeup to consumers.”

Based in London, Wolff embarked on her makeup career training at the prestigious London College of Fashion. During her time there, she landed her first job as an apprenticeship with a fashion photographer doing makeup for the models. The experience provided her with a better understanding of the power of makeup, and its ability to transform your look. Since then, Wolff has become the go-to for many celebrities and influencers. Wolff now boasts a repertoire of clients that include A-list celebrities and socialites while her work with top editorials such as VOGUE, ELLE, and Marie Claire has earned her a high-profile status of her own.

The partnership with Nikki Wolff comes right in time as the brand recently unveiled the KVD Beauty ModCon Liquid-Gel Blush, which started to receive buzz even before its release. It’s the brand’s next must-have product following the success of Good Apple Foundation.

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