JD CENTRAL Unveils their New “JOY SURE TUA JING” Strategy to Upgrade the Online Shopping Experience for Offline and Hybrid Shoppers

JD CENTRAL Unveils their New “JOY SURE TUA JING” Strategy to Upgrade the Online Shopping Experience for Offline and Hybrid Shoppers

Ready to take their Thai Retail Business to the Next Level 

  • A 20% growth rate in e-commerce market users.
  • A 94% growth rate in app installs, an 80% growth rate in GMV, and a 40% growth rate in shopping basket size.
  • Empowering consumers to shop with confidence at JD CENTRAL.
  • Promoting wide-ranging marketing activities: TVC/SUPER JOY MID-YEAR GRAND SALE/LiVE TOURNAMENT

JD CENTRAL, the leader in e-commerce and retail technology in Thailand, recently announced their key “JOY SURE TUA JING” strategy, highlighting their position as the only e-commerce company boosting the confidence of customers with shopping guarantees while strengthening their standing in the e-commerce market and capturing the hearts of Thai shoppers nationwide.  

In the past three years, the e-commerce market in Thailand has experienced rapid growth,* achieving 20% growth in users per year, although overall, the e-commerce market remains smaller than the total retail market. This is an excellent opportunity for players in e-commerce to penetrate and grow the market by transitioning offline and hybrid shoppers (people who occasionally shop online and those who shop specifically on a brand’s official website) to the convenience of online platforms.

To truly change the behavior of shoppers, an online platform has a duty to understand the insights and behaviors of all offline, hybrid and online shoppers. According to a consumer behavior survey of 1,000 people**, the key barrier to shopping online is trust. The top three concerns of shoppers when shopping online are: 1) Products are not as described (79%);
2) Products are damaged (56%); Product delivery is delayed (38%). Three key factors influencing the purchasing decisions of offline and hybrid shoppers were also highlighted***: 1) Considering the store rating and/or visiting the retail store before making a purchase;
2) Searching for more information about the product and service before making a purchase; 3) The first purchase is driven by the number of likes and/or good reviews on social media.

Mr. Korlarp Suwacharangkul, Chief Marketing Officer of JD CENTRAL, said, “Since the launch in 2018 of JD CENTRAL, the leader in e-commerce and retail technology in Thailand, we have continually helped to circulate capital in the Thai economy. JD CENTRAL is committed to growing our business by guaranteeing our products and services through a unique ecosystem that consists of the 4 JOYs: JOY Retail, JOY Marketing, JOY Solution and JOY Fulfillment. We are building on our successful launch and creating a sustainable market.

In the first quarter of 2021, JD CENTRAL achieved a 94% growth rate in app downloads and installations, an 80% growth rate in gross merchandise value (GMV), and a 40% growth rate in shopping basket size, reflecting the ‘quality’ components that are contributing to our efficiency rapid growth.”

“If we take a closer look at the current retail and e-commerce landscape, three strategies can win over shoppers: 1) Game of assortment 2) Game of presenter 3) Game of price. However, no one talks about building confidence among consumers. This is the main reason that JD CENTRAL has shifted gears to reach out to more shoppers, especially those who shop in brick-and-mortar stores and on a brand’s official website,” added Mr. Korlap.

“This is the first time we are relaunching our new strategy since beginning service in Thailand. The goal is to upgrade the online shopping experience to meet all of the needs of consumers and not just by focusing on product selection. These insights contributed to the launch of the “JOY SURE TUA JING” strategy.”

JD CENTRAL is reinforcing its position as the “real” shopping expert capable of building confidence among shoppers through a dedicated platform with a variety of product categories as well as emphasizing complete quality assurance. Through Joy Sure, Authenticity Sure, and Exclusivity Sure, consumers can shop anytime and anywhere for the best deals on local and international brands. Shop with comfort and enjoy ‘Joy Sure’ for great service, fast shipping and superb after sales service – all of which make JD CENTRAL the most trusted online business brand for consumers.  

JD CENTRAL has made the following adjustments to its brand identity:

1) Changed the brand’s tagline to “JOY SURE TUA JING.”

2) Refreshed JD CENTRAL’s logo.

3) Selected “Nong Joy” as JD CENTRAL’s brand ambassador to drive brand recognition and brand recall to attract shoppers across the country.

Leading Marketing Activities

JD CENTRAL is actively promoting its “JOY SURE TUA JING” marketing strategy with the release of a new advertising film that conveys the joy and trust shoppers feel when using the different elements of JD CENTRAL’s all-in-one app. The release was followed by the “SUPER JOY MID-YEAR GRAND SALE,” the mega-promotion of the year offering discounts of up to 90%. Shoppers can take advantage of great deals for the mid-year shopping festival and receive special promotions in all product categories spreading joy throughout the month of June. In addition, discount coupons worth a total of more than 2,000 baht are being given to new customers along with a 50 baht discount coupon for every 100 baht purchase, and free delivery for purchases of 99 baht and up. Don’t miss out on these amazing deals exclusively for online shoppers. And check out the “Joysure LiVE TOURNAMENT” featuring popular stars and artists including Gulf Kanawut, Kao Noppakao, Up Phumiphat, Aon Sriphan and other famous celebrities. Feel the joy with JD CENTRAL’s exclusive activities when shopping in June.

“JD CENTRAL’s new strategy is just the start of giving EnJoyment back to the online shopping experience. It’s also a big step for JD CENTRAL to grow sustainably and reinforce our leading position by winning the hearts of Thai shoppers nationwide,” concluded Mr. Korlarp.


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