Sino Malls offer HK$20 million in shoppers’ rewards and exciting experience to boost Government’s Consumption Voucher Scheme

Partnerships with major e-payment platforms provide rebates and bonuses in different campaign phases

Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po announced last Friday (18 June) details of how to register for and receive the HK$5,000 e-vouchers under the Government’s consumption voucher scheme. To complement the scheme and help the Hong Kong economy recover, eight Sino Group shopping malls, including tmtplaza, Olympian City, and Citywalk, China Hong Kong City, Island Resort Mall, Gold Coast Piazza, Tsim Sha Tsui Centre and Empire Centre, are offering a range of special rebates and rewards to customers.


Bella Chhoa, Director of Asset Management at Sino Group

More than HK$20 million will be given to shoppers in exclusive offers and lucky draw prizes in promotions run with AlipayHK and livi bank. Sino Group is also cooperating with other e-payment service providers, including Octopus, WeChat Pay HK, and credit card issuers to offer rebates and rewards so customers can enjoy an even more exciting and rewarding shopping experience during the Government’s consumption voucher scheme period.

Exclusive offers with AlipayHK add value to consumption vouchers

Sino Group has entered into a strategic partnership with AlipayHK, one of the stored value facilities selected to participate in the Government’s consumption voucher scheme, to provide welcome rewards and a range of exclusive offers. Customers will be able to use the electronic consumption vouchers issued by the Government in conjunction with shopping coupons provided by Sino Malls totalling several million Hong Kong dollars, maximising the scheme’s benefits and making shopping even more exciting and rewarding.

Lucky draw with livi bank for seven weeks with HK$5,000 cash prizes

Sino Malls will hold a HK$5,000 Cash Rebate Luck Draw in partnership with virtual bank livi bank for seven consecutive weeks through the summer holiday period beginning in July, handing out a total of HK$1.05 million in cash rebates. Customers who spend HK$300 or more in the participating malls can take part in the lucky draw and enter twice if they make their payment through livi bank. Each week, 30 lucky winners will each receive a HK$5,000 cash rebate. The lucky draw is structured so that the greatest amount in cash rebates a single participant can earn is HK$35,000.

Members of the Sino Malls’ S+ REWARDS loyalty programme, meanwhile, can receive an instant cash rebate of HK$250 by opening a livi bank account using a designated promo code. They can also earn up to HK$5,000 through the referral programme.

More irresistible offers with other e-payment platforms and credit cards

In additional to the two promotions detailed above, Sino Group is working with other e-payment service providers, such as Octopus, WeChat Pay HK, and credit card issuers to provide more spending rebates and special offers in phases throughout the duration of the Government’s consumption voucher scheme. The rebates and offers are designed to help spark a city-wide shopping spree as Hong Kong people enjoy some of the most exciting offers and attractive rewards seen in recent years.

Bella Chhoa, Director of Asset Management at Sino Group, said: “Currently, more than 90% of Sino Malls tenants are using the four major e-payment platforms. Through our promotional strategy, we are working with these platforms in different phases to maximise our reach to consumers. Sino Malls customers will be able to use the spending e-vouchers to buy a variety of items, from daily necessities costing small sums to more expensive products like mobile phones and electrical appliances, and will even be able to use them for dining and at cinemas. We believe this will boost sales for our malls and tenants, and lead to a multiple-win situation.”

Terms and conditions apply to the promotions. Please refer to the promotional materials and the Sino Group website for details. The promotions are subject to change without notice.