EasyFLO™ Collection by American Standard To Turn the Faucet On/Off – JUST PUSH!

To help make life simpler, American Standard brings homemakers EasyFLO™, the faucet collection purposefully designed with an easy push on/off button.

EasyFLO™ is an easy fit for homes that desire to level up the family’s bathroom faucet experience from manual knobs and levers, to the sleek, minimalist push-button technology of EasyFLO™: all the user needs to do to turn the water on or off is push a button. This clever design comes in handy especially when you have wet or soapy hands, or when your hands are full. Imagine the effort and time saved, as home makers use the faucet daily, countless times.

Unlike conventional faucets, EasyFLO™ presets water volume at the main valves to optimize the water flow while saving precious water.

As part of its FlexiMatch™ product offerings, EasyFLO™ is designed and crafted to match any home, decor and lifestyle. Users can freely mix and match with EasyFLO™, given the collection’s versatility and flexibility. There are three variants to choose from – Basin faucet, Exposed shower, and Concealed shower, in any of these 3 classic colours – chrome, glossy white, or matt black, all at an affordable price range.

American Standard brand philosophy makes purposeful design accessible for everyone. EasyFLO™ is reasonably priced so more families can enjoy its innovative technology without compromising on aesthetics and ergonomics. The Basin faucet variant comes in zero lead, further ensuring health and safety for the family.

EasyFLO™ Faucet Collection – a sleek and advanced range that will change the way we use faucets in just one simple touch. Put simply, Just Push!

For more information, please visit our authorized retailers nationwide. Alternatively, check out our Facebook page: American Standard Thailand, or call 02-102-2222.