“SCOPES Driven by Porsche” Unites Creative Trailblazers Across Southeast Asia in First-Ever Virtual Edition

Enabled by the sports car manufacturer’s hallmark brand values, the virtual festival is set to catalyse and accelerate positive change

  • Porsche Asia Pacific is presenting “SCOPES driven by Porsche” to curate and provide a creative platform inspired by values that are an essential part of the Porsche brand DNA, and at the same time reflective of the Asian zeitgeist
  • From 1 August 2021, the first virtual edition of “SCOPES driven by Porsche” (SCOPES) will bring together a community of Southeast Asian trailblazers, all of whom are shaping the future now in the fields of art and design, music, lifestyle and sustainability
  • Porsche is inviting creative talents in Southeast Asia to submit their stories for an opportunity to collaborate with the brand

Timeless design, emotional performance – these are attributes Porsche is known and loved for all over the world. But the true driving force that has propelled the brand over the last seven decades and more has always been a spirit of creativity, pushing boundaries, and shaping the future. After all, the brand was built when founder Ferry Porsche turned his dream of creating the perfect sports car into a reality.

In this pioneering spirit, Porsche Asia Pacific is presenting SCOPES in Southeast Asia, to curate and provide temporary spaces for those who are driven by dreams, going beyond cultural conventions to pursue their passions and create the perspectives of tomorrow.

This will be the first virtual edition of SCOPES, and the festival will span over two months, hosted on an independent platform to unite a young, dynamic group of creators from Southeast Asia. From 1 August 2021, SCOPES will feature a variety of inspiring stories including documentaries, workshops, podcast series, interactive live panels and talks to encourage exchanges and dialogues on what the future in Southeast Asia could look like with visionaries and driven individuals helping to shape the narrative.

Defining Our Scope

The themes that are central to SCOPES are rooted in values that make up the Porsche DNA, and are simultaneously very present in the Asian zeitgeist – a pioneering spirit in harmony with tradition, design, and sustainability. Together, these values form the foundation to create engaging and distinctive content to ignite an exchange between creative minds.

“Southeast Asia is one of the most diverse regions in the world, and it is energised by a young, dynamic group of creators, making it the ideal environment to launch the first virtual edition of ‘SCOPES’. In typical Porsche spirit, we took the challenges imposed on us from the global pandemic, and turned it into a larger opportunity to tell the story of what drives our brand, and connect with a like-minded group of creative individuals through a concept that speaks to a new era, new audiences, and new forms of engagement,” said Yannick Ott, Marketing Director of Porsche Asia Pacific.

Uniting the region’s driven individuals

The visual direction of SCOPES was defined by Theseus Chan, an internationally renowned graphic artist from Singapore, who designed and conceptualised a new logo that captures the essence of design, sustainability, and the idea of a pioneering spirit. The variety of art elements encapsulates the multi-cultural influences and the mix of modern and traditional elements in the region.

SCOPES also invited four renowned women of the arts, Narelle Kheng, Ramengvrl, Jess Connelly, and Suboi, who will share their journeys in pursuing their dreams while breaking out of cultural norms. Through an intimate portrayal of confidence, creativity, and the drive to create a better future, SCOPES will provide a platform for them to share their stories and put Asian female artists on the map, and empower other female artists with similar ambitions in the industry.

Suboi, known as Vietnam’s “Queen of Hip Hop,” who famously rapped with former U.S. President Barack Obama while he beatboxed, will conclude the line-up on a high note with an experimental documentary. Narrated by Suboi, the documentary will feature five chapters that are separated into distinct rooms, each taking a unique conceptual approach, exploring her multi-layered personality, or creative visions and inspirations.

Over several weeks, Green Is The New Black, Asia’s first ever conscious festival and platform, will drive conversations by hosting sustainability live panel discussions with thought leaders and industry experts who are at the forefront of change in the food, fashion, and urban communities. There will also be a special preview of “The Naked Arctic Adventure”, a documentary that chronicles Green Is The New Black founders, Stephanie Dickson, and Paula Miquelis, on their expedition to the Arctic Circle to witness the effects of climate change first-hand.

In a series on Wonderfruit, a popular music, art, and lifestyle festival in Thailand, SCOPES will showcase the community of driven individuals who are shaping the future with their innovations in art and architecture, food, wellness, and music. One of the films, titled “Art in a field: A look behind the art curation at Wonderfruit,” will explore the curation and collaboration with various artists to design a festival that is rooted in sustainability.

A place for creative exchange

1880, a social club born of the notion that conversations make the world a better place, will provide a junction for dialogues between passionate individuals from different walks of life. Under the theme “Driving Tomorrow”, the series will share their stories told from their own lens:

  • Anna Haotanto, founder of The New Savvy, Asia’s leading financial and career platform for women
  • Dr. Parag Khanna, a leading global strategy advisor who has been an advisor to the U.S. National Intelligence Council, and author of The Future is Asian: Commerce, Conflict & Culture in the 21st Century
  • Dr. Ayesha Khanna, CEO of ADDO AI, an artificial intelligence advisory firm and incubator
  • Leanne Robers, co-founder and co-CEO of She Loves Tech, the world’s largest start-up competition and accelerator programme for women-led and women-impacting tech start-ups
  • Lorin Winata, founder of Melati Drinks, Asia’s first non-alcoholic aperitif crafted from Indonesian wellness tonics

As dialogue and spirit of collaboration are an essential hallmark for SCOPES, Porsche is keen to bring together even more creative minds in this region, and is calling for submissions on the platform for a chance to be featured. Creative contributors such as artists, film makers, visionary entrepreneurs or designers are invited to share their vision of, “What’s Your Scope?”. They can submit their projects that shape the future now linked to a pioneering spirit in harmony with tradition, sustainability, and design.

The first virtual edition of SCOPES will run from 1 August to mid-September. “SCOPES driven by Porsche” first premiered in Berlin, followed by Amsterdam and Tokyo, and will head to Warsaw after the Southeast Asian edition is completed.

For further details and the latest updates, visit the website virtual.scopes.asia and follow @scopes_drivenbyporsche on Instagram.