“Central Food Hall Truly World Class: Travel around Asia” campaign elevates your staycation

“Central Food Hall Truly World Class: Travel around Asia” campaign elevates your staycation with an array of world-class food products exclusively sourced from across Asia

Central Food Hall, world-class food store under Central Retail, invites you to elevate your staycation experience with an array of world-class food products, fresh fruits from farms, and bestselling snacks from all over Asia, as well as three new dishes made with premium ingredients from three countries, prepared by CENTRAL EATERY chefs. Indulge in aromatic and delicious baked goods in The Baker Yuzu range at THE BAKER, and enjoy exclusive Asian food products with up to 50% discounts. The “Truly World Class: Travel Around Asia” campaign will run from September 22 to October 4, 2021 at all Central Food Hall branches, www.tops.co.th, Grab application, and Personal Shopper service on LINE @TopsThailand.

Staying home for a long period of time may leave you feeling weary and yearning for travel, beautiful scenery and delicious food in other countries. Central Food Hall invites you to change the atmosphere and elevate your staycation to make you feel like you’re travelling all across Asia by purchasing imported products carefully curated by Asian Food Experts. You can enjoy ingredients, seasoning products, snacks, and drinks that are the best in terms of flavor and quality. 

Japan: Japan is the second home to many people in Thailand. If you miss Japan, check out premium Kyushu Beef imported directly from Kyushu, the best source of beef, guaranteed by the title as the winner of Japan’s Wagyu Branded Beef Competition 2017. There are three parts to choose from: striploin from grain-fed cattle from Kagoshima, one of the oldest beef producing regions in Japan; richly marbled and juicy rib eye fed with well-balanced food and raised in warm weather; and sirloin from grain-fed cattle, nicely marbled and very delicious. Seedless Shine Muscat grapes are aromatic and flavorful, and the best season is August-September.  


South Korea: Snack lovers will love Haitai Honey Butter Chip Fromage Blanc, delicious potato chips with an addictive sweet and salty taste that makes it a bestseller in South Korea. Fresh fruits such as pears and peaches are also available, and K-series lovers should not miss Korean ramyeon in various flavors. 

China: If you miss the taste of mala, you can cook it at home easily with Hai Di Lao Hot Pot Soup Base in the Chinese restaurant’s popular mala flavor. The spiciness of mala, a Sichuan chili ranked the third spiciest in the world, can be enjoyed at home simply by opening the pouch and adding meat and vegetables. Jin Mai Lang Instant Noodles in Spicy Beef and Chicken Stew flavors offer delicious soup. Yummy House Abalone Scallop Sauce is a sauce that adds amazing deliciousness to any dish. 

Singapore: Enjoy delicious food conveniently at home with Chinatown Glutinous Rice Balls Peanut and White Sesame, a popular dessert in Singapore,  Kwong Cheong Thye Crispy Chilli Sauce with 25% reduced sodium compared to other Asian sauces, great for dipping and cooking, and Double Crane Extra Sesame Oil, made with premium ingredients to ensure quality in every drop. 

Additionally, you can enjoy seasoning products and spices such as Lee Kum Kee oyster sauce from Hong Kong and Shan Meat Masala from India. For those who do not want to cook, CENTRAL EATERY presents three exclusive fishes with the best ingredients from three countries for customers to enjoy classic Asian flavors, available via Grab Food under CENTRAL EATERY. 


Japanese Garlic Fried Rice with Steak is made with soft and chewy Japanese rice, stir-fried with garlic to enhance its distinctive aroma. It is served with perfectly grilled and juicy steak, topped with pickled egg yolk, for the price of only 165 baht. 


Enjoy a taste of Vietnam with Vietnamese Sticky Pork Riblets with Coconut Cream and Hoisin Glaze, made with coconut cream-marinated pork riblets, baked in medium heat and tossed in Vietnam’s signature Hoisin glaze. It is best enjoyed with fresh vegetables or steamed rice. Each dish is priced at 79 baht. 

Experience deliciousness from China with Stir-fried Hunan Tangerine Chicken, with sweet and sour freshness from tangerine and a hint of Hunan-style spiciness. This dish is sure to wow everyone, and is priced at only 59 baht each. 

Wrap up your journey of happiness with freshly baked artisan bakery from THE BAKER. Yuzu orange, a special ingredient from Japan, is used as a main ingredient, mixed with premium Western ingredients to create a unique and aromatic taste in three signature products: Japanese Yuzu Custard Croissant, Japanese Yuzu Butter Cake, and Japanese Yuzu Poppy Seed Brioche. You can purchase The Baker Japanese Yuzu Signature Indulgence Set for only 199 baht from originally 260 baht, available via Grab on GrabFood.   

For more information, visit www.tops.co.th, Facebook TopsThailand, Central Food Hall or LINE @TopsThailand.