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Singha Estate Honoring Resident Experience with Exclusive World-Class Luxury Offering.

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Singha Estate Honoring Resident Experience with Exclusive World-Class Luxury Offering. Through the “S Life” Memorable Experiences of Divergent Happiness.

Singha Estate Public Company Limited, (SET:S), continues to offer exclusive experiences for its residents. Embracing the essence of ‘S Life’ ‘Memorable Experiences of Divergent Happiness’ the company hosted an intimate viewing event. Residents were invited to a private viewing reserved for them at ‘Gucci Visions: An Immersive Exhibition’ held at The Emsphere, culminating in a special highlight—a portrait painting session by the renowned illustrator Ms. Supasara Hongladaromp (Prim) at Gucci Shop, The Emporium.

Mr. Nattavuth Mathayomchan, Chief Residential Development Officer of Singha Estate Public Company Limited, or S stated, “Singha Estate has established itself as a prominent developer in the luxury real estate sector over the past decade. We deeply understand the needs of our clientele within this group, adhering to the philosophy of ‘MASTERING THE LUXURY’. Our commitment extends beyond delivering high-quality residential projects; we prioritize enhancing the lifestyle experiences of residents. Our goal is to provide valuable and memorable experiences to our discerning clients under the concept of ‘S Life Memorable Experience’. For instance, today’s event, ‘S Life’ ‘Memorable Experiences of Divergent Happiness’, exemplifies our dedication to meticulously curating extraordinary experiences. We believe that all homeowners participating in such activities will receive exclusive experiences and unforgettable memories carefully selected by Singha Estate.”

The ‘S Life’ ‘Memorable Experiences of Divergent Happiness’ commenced with the Gucci Visions: An Immersive Exhibition, featuring a private viewing exclusively for Singha Estate residents. Guests engaged deeply with Gucci’s journey spanning over 103 years through an immersive showcase across 6 special rooms. The highlight included a unique portrait drawing session by renowned artist Ms. Supasara Hongladaromp (Prim), who engaged intimately with residents to capture their essence in a single artwork—exclusively created and suitable for home décor.

Singha Estate is dedicated to crafting superior products and services, while delivering valuable experiences to its customers. Follow our activity more on Singha Estate’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SinghaEstate

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