Golden Flower at Wynn Macau Welcomes Up and Coming Young Chef Zhang Zhi Cheng

Chef Zhang presents a bold new menu featuring traditional and contemporary Sichuan, Shandong and Northern cuisines

Michelin two-starred Golden Flower at Wynn Macau is pleased to welcome Executive Chef Zhang Zhi Cheng – one of the hottest up and coming young chefs in the culinary world who is well-versed in the timeless flavors of classic and contemporary Sichuan, Shandong and Northern Chinese cuisines. Steeped in history and rich in cultural heritage, each of these extraordinary cuisines beautifully complements the refined and elegant ambience of Golden Flower.

With Chef Zhang at the helm, ingenuity is at the heart of every dish. Behind the love that he pours into the preparation of each dish is passion and persistence. A master at unleashing the potential of original ingredients to unearth a myriad of flavors, Chef Zhang has already earned a reputation for inventing dishes that deeply touch the soul. Before arriving at Golden Flower, he opened a private kitchen within the courtyard residence of an ancient hutong, where he introduced bold and innovative dishes. Soon after opening, the private kitchen quickly rose to become one of the hottest dining destinations in Beijing. Now at Golden Flower, Chef Zhang infuses his cooking philosophy and unique culinary concepts into masterful creations, presenting timeless classics for guests in Macau.

Bold interpretations of traditional and contemporary flavors

Pure, yet rich in flavor and multi-dimensional, each dish at Golden Flower resembles a masterfully crafted work of art. Highly experienced in both ancient and modern cooking techniques, Chef Zhang showcases the very best of traditional and contemporary Sichuan, Shandong and Northern Chinese dishes.

Introducing a degustation menu where regional delicacies take center stage, Chef Zhang precisely designed a dining experience to leave individuals with lasting memories. Like a story, it begins from the Prelude, moving on to Welcome Tea, Caviar, Beginning, Abundance, Soup, Heritage, Umami, Seasonal Vegetables, Bloom and ends with Finale. Through the culinary journey at Golden Flower, guests will discover Chef Zhang’s classic dishes, which include braised fish maw with superior chicken broth, sliced sea conch with Sichuan pepper oil, crisp codfish with balsamic vinegar, Sichuan noodles with chili oil and more.

Tea artisans select China’s finest teas to pair with each dish

The art of tea has been intrinsically linked to Chinese gastronomy for thousands of years, and Sichuan is the birthplace of the tea tree and the world’s tea culture. Golden Flower was first in Macau to provide personalized tea pairing services, and today, the restaurant’s experienced team of tea artisans has thoughtfully selected more than 50 types of tea from all over China, together with varieties from Sichuan’s remote mountains to pair with its regional dishes and delicacies.

The artisans also developed one-of-a-kind teas to complement Golden Flower’s ambience and the four seasons. Drawing inspiration from the restaurant’s flower garden themed design, they have blended the “Golden Flower Signature Tea,” exuding fresh, floral aromas. In harmony with the season’s climate, guests may also select from top-quality teas that are most beneficial for their health.

Upon entry into the dining area of Golden Flower, guests step immediately into an elegant and refined setting, themed around a flower garden. The restaurant’s interior mirrors the exquisite Chinese cuisine on offer, as well as harmony between man and nature. A reflection of China’s historic influence on the world, it also features a tea lounge and reception room inspired by the home of British tycoon, Frederick Leyland. Known as the “Peacock Room,” it is now on permanent display at Washington D.C.’s Freer Gallery of Art. For a more exclusive dining experience, the restaurant also features two private VIP rooms, each for a group of 10 who wishes to indulge in an extraordinary gastronomic journey together.

Fish maw, superior chicken broth

Fish maw in superior chicken broth is an endeavor that best represents Chef Zhang’s style. Superior chicken broth that has been boiled for more than 10 hours is the soul of the creation. Chef Zhang has been honing his culinary skills since he was 14 years old. With years of continuous research and experimentations behind, this superior chicken broth is the result of Chef Zhang’s passion for cooking and ingredients. The secret behind the texture of the soup is that it is boiled with a variety of ingredients before being used to simmer the South African fish maw. The fragrance of the superior broth combined with the soft and glutinous fish maw, delivers an intense taste. To bring out rich layers of flavors, one can also add a little Italian balsamic vinegar.

Sliced sea conch, Sichuan pepper oil

Golden Flower selects one kilogram of precious Chaozhou conch and only uses the softest 150 grams. After being masterfully sliced, lightly boiled and mixed with homemade Da Hong Pao Sichuan pepper oil, it imparts a fresh, pure, soft and delicious sensation on the palate, presenting the aroma of Sichuan pepper and the texture of sliced lustrous conch in an elegant manner.

Crisp codfish, balsamic vinegar

Inspired by the Shanghai-style smoked fish, Chef Zhang chooses the high-quality Canadian codfish, removes its bones and fries the pieces of fish fillet at a temperature of 200 degrees until its surface reaches a level of dryness while locking in moisture. Like a golden brick with a white, jade-like center, it epitomizes the perfect combination of crispy exterior and a delicately tender inner core. Tossed with balsamic vinegar sauce, the fillets fully absorb the nectar and introduce a sweet, non-greasy experience.

Sichuan noodles, chili oil

Sichuan noodles with chili oil is a favorite traditional snack in Yibin city, Sichuan Province. Chef Zhang picks out hand-cut noodles made by Golden Flower. After the noodles are cooked, it is cooled naturally instead of being in contact with cold water. Then, homemade Sichuan peppercorn oil is mixed in to maximumly preserve the aroma of noodles. Condiments include Yibin pickled bean sprouts, one of the four major pickled vegetables in Sichuan, and chili oil blended with Henan and Guizhou chili peppers. Exuding a red sheen, the finished creation expresses umami through its spicy and numbing characteristics, which will tantalize the most discerning of taste buds.

Golden Flower at Wynn Macau