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Leaders People Love by Yeo Chuen Chuen Wins Silver Medal in Axiom Business Book Awards 2024

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Leaders People Love by Yeo Chuen Chuen Wins Silver Medal in Axiom Business Book Awards 2024

  • Agile leaders’ book wins Silver medal at Axiom Business Book Awards
  • Singapore author wins Silver medal at Axiom Business Book Awards

Leaders People Love, an essential companion for contemporary leaders by Yeo Chuen Chuen, founder of ACESENCE Agile Leadership, has been honored with a prestigious Silver Medal in the 2024 Axiom Business Book Awards under the category of Company Culture.

Yeo Chuen Chuen, author of Leaders People Love

Among the awardees this year are numerous thought leaders in leadership development, including Stephen Covey, for his book, Trust and Inspire, also clinching the Silver Medal in another category. Former awardees include Brene Brown, John Maxwell, and Charlene Li.

In Leaders People Love, Yeo Chuen Chuen, a former math educator turned global coach and leadership consultant, takes readers on an enlightening journey to grasp what it means to create and enable an empowering company culture. With a blend of captivating anecdotes and practical strategies, she shows them how to create a company culture that ignites excellence, fuels innovation, and raises happiness.

The book’s refreshing perspective and evidence-based insights have resonated deeply with numerous corporate leaders, earning it widespread acclaim among readers.

Mr Ian Choo, Head of Talent Development APAC at a retail brand, said, “This book is like a mini-MBA. Its principles are exactly what leaders today need to stay ahead and elevate workplaces rapidly.”

“The exponential rate of disruption has not only reshaped industries but also redefined the nature of work and the dynamics between employees and organizations. So it’s now more important than ever for organizations to equip their leaders at every level to become relevant and effective,” Chuen Chuen shared.

The principles and strategies in Leaders People Love are organized across 13 relevant themes, covering topics like psychological safety, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

In the same context, Chuen Chuen sees her win at the Axiom Awards as a step towards increasing the representation of Asian non-fiction authors in the topic of leadership.

“Asian authors make up fewer than 5% of all authors according to some reports, so this milestone is a step toward greater representation,” Chuen Chuen shared.

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