Alpecin joined hands with three Chinese Olympic champions: Lv Xiaojun, Zou Shiming and Zou Kai for strong joint endorsements

Alpecin, the German anti-hair loss haircare brand under Dr. Wolff Group with over a 100 years history, has just announced their joint endorsements with the three Chinese Olympic champions: Lv Xiaojun, Zou Shiming and Zou Kai with the campaign called “China Power, German Engineering for your Hair“.

Alpecin has always formed great partnerships with major sports. From the sponsorship of European FENIX cycling team competing in the Tour de France, to the collaboration with United States Professional Basketball League (NBA), the Chinese Football Association Super League and other super level live sport events broadcasted in the Chinese mainland market and all around the world, sport is part of Alpecin’s brand DNA.

The German haircare brand respects and advocates the Olympic spirit through a deep collaboration with Chinese Olympic champions. With its latest campaign, Alpecin explores the concept of “China Power and German Engineering for your Hair“. In this regard, Olympic weightlifting champion “God Jun” – Lv Xiaojun, Olympic boxing champion “WBO Gold Belt Holder” – Zou  Shiming, Olympic gymnastics champion “Five Gold Medal Champion” – Zou Kai are the top athletes who represent China in the Olympic Games. Their exceptional performance perfectly aligns with “champion quality” of the performance shampoo Alpecin.

In order to celebrate the great success of the three Chinese Olympic champions and to show respect, Alpecin introduces a special “Champion Limited Edition” – C1 Caffeine Shampoo – Gold Edition. Combining the best of both worlds, “China Power” and “German Engineering for your hair”, Alpecin is proud to present this special edition to its Chinese customers.