‘Central Pattana’ to launch ‘Central Si Racha’ on 27 Oct

‘Central Pattana’ to launch ‘Central Si Racha’ on 27 Oct as the model mixed-use project of the future and the first eco-friendly mall in the region, aiming to create a downtown of EEC


  • As “Pioneer of the Future”, Central Si Racha aims to create the business district in the heart of Si Racha and the city hub of transportation.
  • As the model for the future of retail industry, Central Si Racha will lead the green trend with its missions for carbon neutral and zero waste. It will provide an experience of digitalization via smart phone throughout the shopping center and co-working space to cater to new startups.
  • Following the success of Central EastVille, Central Si Racha has a semi-outdoor and pet-friendly environment. Pet lovers will enjoy the pet community, services and special benefits such as dog IDs and dog club meeting.
  • Central Si Racha will be officially open on 27 October 2021 at noon with many events and promotions available throughout the shopping center.
  • Keeping the shoppers safe with ‘Smart & Healthy Building’ to ensure good indoor air quality and provide a cleaner and safer environment under the strict measures of ‘Central’s Hygiene & Safety Safe Plus+’.

Central Pattana plc., Thailand’s leading real estate developer and operator, is preparing a grand opening of Central Si Racha, a 4.2-billion-baht The model mixed-use development situated in a strategic prime location in the middle of the city of Si Racha, on 27 October 2021, offering “Digitalization & Green Living” experiences throughout the shopping center under the strict public health measure “Central Hygiene & Safety SAFE Plus+”.

Central Si Racha is part of the company’s move to tap into key economic cities.  The new development will create the downtown of the EEC megaproject under the vision to become the “pioneer of the future” the model mixed-use project that cater to the global trends of the future in various aspects.  It will also be the first eco-friendly mall in the eastern region that offers new lifestyles and happiness to the people of Si Racha under the concept “The Innovation Oasis”.

Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Executive Vice President of Marketing of Central Pattana, and Mrs.Phattaraporn Phenpraphat, Head of Commercialization of Central Pattana, revealed the vision and strategy in developing Central Si Racha.

“Central Si Racha is situated on the strategic location and able to cater to the growth of Si Racha as the hub of the EEC.  We are determined to develop the new landmark for the city with the first and largest fully integrated mixed-use development to offer something new and never before seen to the region,” said Dr. Nattakit.

“Central Si Racha will be the ‘Pioneer of the Future’ and the model for mixed-use projects, bringing the future to Si Racha with three strategies, which are 1) ‘The New District’ with the creation of a business district and downtown for Si Racha and EEC, 2) ‘The Future of Retail’ as the project will be the model for mixed-use projects that can cater to the global trends in all areas, and 3) ‘The Innovation Oasis’ that offers perfect happiness and new lifestyles to the people of Si Racha.”

According to Dr. Nattakit, Strategy No.1 “The New District” will focus on the creation of a business district and downtown for Si Racha, which will drive the city to become the center of the EEC, with a fully integrated mixed-use project with a total space of over 140,000 sq. m. on land of 27 rai in the most strategic area in the core of the city.

“We have a success formula for each element of the project and how to fully integrate them and have them support each other.  Such elements include a shopping center, hotel, residential units and convention halls.  Altogether, they will create a business district for Si Racha and support an expanded community, which will include schools, leading hospitals, hotels and serviced apartments.  The new district will be a ‘center of life’ for the people of Si Racha as it will cater to diverse target groups who have high purchasing power, such as families, jobbers, teens, and expats.”

“With such an advantageous location, the project will also act as the city hub of transportation as Si Racha grows due to the investments in the EEC, which are expected to reach 2.2 trillion baht in the next five years, or in the period from 2022 to 2026.”

“We expect Central Si Racha to be the shopping center of the future.  Therefore, we are creating difference and uniqueness with Strategy no.2 ‘The Future of Retail’ to ensure that the project will be the model for mixed-use projects that can cater to the global trends in all areas including the followings.”

  • Hygiene & Safety

Central Si Racha will be the first shopping center with the “Smart & Healthy Building” innovation with an upgraded air-conditioning and filtration system to provide the cleanest indoor air circulation.  High-efficiency MERV filters and UVC lamps will be installed which can help reduce germs in the air-conditioning system by 95%.  Sensors will be placed at various spots to monitor indoor air and ensure a consistent and high level of air quality.

  • Green Living & Circular Economy

Committed to the carbon neutral and zero waste missions, Central Pattana has designed Central Si Racha to be a model eco-friendly mall and the first of its kind in the eastern region.  It focuses on impacts to the environments in all aspects.  Recycled piles were applied since the beginning of the construction.  Recycling stations were built with a collaboration from tenants to sort waste and a long-term target to have schools, hospitals and communities join the program.  To save energy, the project utilizes an upgraded air-conditioning system that can cut energy use by 40%.  Solar rooftops were installed to reduce power costs.  Certain architectural techniques were adopted to save energy, such as maximizing exposure to natural light, the use of thermal insulation and the amble green space throughout the complex.

  • The First Semi-Outdoor Experience

Following the success at Central EastVille, Central Si Racha blends an outdoor walking street with an area of 2,800 sq.m. as well as a giant green wall.  As the first pet-friendly mall in the eastern region, the project also has a pet park and pet services and aims to become a new community for pet lovers.

  • Seamless Integrated Experience

Central Si Racha employs “destination concepts” in a tangible way that blurs the lines.  It has created new zones that everyone can enjoy shopping.  One of such zones is the Playhouse, which caters to the lifestyles of fashionistas who can browse through various chic items on one floor.  Similarly, Design House caters to people who love home decoration by placing all related products in one place.

  • Digitalization & Sharing Economy

Determined to become the community thought leader in Si Racha, the project is embedded the first co-working space in Si Racha.

According to Mrs. Phattaraporn, Head of Commercialization, “Strategy No.3 ‘The Innovation Oasis’ will provide perfect happiness and new lifestyles to the people of Si Racha as Central Si Racha is preparing many highlight events and promotions for the official opening day on 27 October, starting at noon.  The people of Si Racha will be able to experience art and technology via the virtual pet drawings by world-renowned illustrator Phannapast “Yoon” Taychamaythakool.  Also, for the first time in Si Racha, visitors can enjoy a digitalized experience throughout the shopping center with a smart phone.  By scanning a QR code, they will get to learn about Si Racha’s Charm landmarks, play games and receive information about promotions.”

“Central Si Racha aims to become no.1 destination and center of lifestyle of the future through four core ideas,

  • Nature-Tech Oasis

State-of-the-art technology and exposure to nature are combined and supplemented with a full range of services, such as EV charging stations, solar battery chargers, support for bio-degradable packaging at shops, e-receipt and e-menu at the food park in the shopping center.

  • Inspiring Oasis

Central Si Racha will inspire ideas by being a hub of creative lifestyle, led by B2S Think Space and Co-Working Space to create a start-up new ecosystem of the future.  Activities such as startup hackathon showcases and creative forums will also be held.

  • Urbanized Oasis

Central Si Racha will be the best destination which can answer needs of all family members.  It will host Tops Market (Premium), the best supermarket in Si Racha that comes with a glasshouse design.  A number of top fashion brands such as Muji, Uniqlo, Jaspal Group including CCOO and Lyn, as well as over 30 renowned restaurants like Bonchon, Mos Burger, Fin Sushi, Potato Corner, Fuji Restaurant will be present.  The Asian Village will bring leading brands from all over Asia.  The Central Si Racha Pet Community will cater to pet lovers and provide free dog IDs on 27-31 October, which can be used to receive numerous discounts and promotions.  In addition, there are banks, Si Racha Cineplex movie theater, Supersports, Powerbuy, Kids Playground and Education Center.

  • Community Co-Creation Oasis

Central Si Racha incorporates local identity and pride under the concept “Si Racha’s Charm” in the design of landmarks in the project, such as the Outdoor Signature, Si Racha Textile, House of Carpenter and Tiger+Neko Sculpture.  It will also feature Food Park x Sriracha Sauce to offer special menus made with Sriracha sauce.  Top brands such as Uniqlo and Jubilee will offer special collections.  Central Si Racha will also join forces with governmental agencies such as Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (DASTA) to hold event to promote community handicrafts all year round.  Central will work with Phanat Nikhom community to offer local items such as Tuk-Tuk wraps and other woven products.  The shopping center has plans to collaborate with other nearby communities as well.” Mrs. Phattaraporn concluded.

Available only during the opening period, the Moonlight Garden Outdoor Market & AR Zone at the outdoor area on the G level will let visitors scan and collect virtual pets for points and prizes.  The 17-meter-tall Giant Digital Christmas Tree at the promotion area on the G level is a spectacular landmark where visitors can snap pictures and share.  The Creative Food & Garden Truck at the promotion area in front of the shopping center offers delicious food from Chonburi’s top restaurants and a chic atmosphere.  The Foodie Oasis at the promotion area on the G level is the place for homemade food and a hydroponic vegetable garden by Che With Dee, Cafe & Farm. Visitors can also try the exclusive menu of edible flowers Omakase.

Each day during the promotion period, shoppers who spent at least 1,000 baht will get a chance to win Toyota C-HR Hybrid Premium Safety worth about 1.14 million baht.  Shoppers who spent 5,000 baht will receive a specially designed bag exclusive to Central Si Racha, while those who spent 500 baht will receive a movie gift set, consisting of a movie complimentary voucher and a M Gen Next card.

Participating credit cards and applications also offer more privileges.  The 1 members can receive gifts or a credit of up to 18% of the amount spent on 27 October 2021 to 6 January 2022.  The 1 members can use their points at any of over 150 participating brands or choose to receive a discount voucher via The 1 application.  New members will also receive free points after downloading the app.