Central Pattana welcoming tourists from 63 countries following government’s country-opening policy through display of ‘Welcome to Thailand’ in many different languages on PanOramix screen at lifestyle landmark in heart of Ratchaprasong – Central World

  • Highlighting position as lifestyle landmark and world-class tourist destination in heart of Bangkok by promoting Thai tourism and getting ready to welcome all tourists today on 1 November
  • Joining hands with businesses under Central Group to organize special promotions for all tourists with leading credit card promotions and special discounts
  • Role model of safe shopping centers under the highest level of safety measures: ‘Central Hygiene & Safe Plus+’ to ensure COVID-free shopping center for everyone


Central Pattana plc., operator of centralwOrld, CentralPlaza, CentralFestival, Central Phuket and Central Village – Thailand’s first luxury outlet, is responding to the government’s country-reopening policy to welcome tourists from 63 countries through its ‘Welcome to Thailand’ display in many different languages e.g. Thai, English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Swedish and French on the world’s largest digital interactive screen, the PanOramix, located in front of Central World. This is to highlight Central World as a lifestyle landmark and a world-class tourist destination in the heart of Bangkok and to help promote Thai tourism to visitors worldwide. Central Pattana is ready to welcome all visitors under our enhanced safety measures ‘Central Hygiene & Safe Plus+’ to ensure a safe shopping space at our 34 branches nationwide. Central Pattana is joining hands with businesses under the Central Group to offer ‘Shopcation Exclusive Privileges’, with a number of special promotions and great discounts for tourists.

Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Central Pattana Plc., said: Central Pattana is fully ready for the country-reopening today (1 November 2020). As a private sector, we strive to help drive the country forward by always cooperating with all sectors. We have helped support the campaign that ensures Phuket is a safe, model tourist destination with important management guidelines to share with other Thai shopping centers as follows:

  • Create a COVID-free area with the theme of ‘No.1 Hygiene & Safety Standards’ by ensuring the shopping center is a place of confidence for both Thai and foreign visitors. Also, to set intensive standard safety measures for the Thai shopping center industry
  • Central Phuket is the first shopping center to receive SHA PLUS+ certification from the Tourism Authority of Thailand and is the first vaccinated shopping center and it ensures customer confidence with all employees wearing an ‘I’M VACCINATED’ badge.
  • Spur the economy and upgrade the tourism industry as a whole by supporting a ‘Thai helps Thai’ economy, including:
  • Connecting tourism businesses and services in the whole value chain from shopping centers, and hotels to local businesses in order to complement the whole tourism system to create readiness for the province, especially for branches located in major tourist cities such as centralwOrld, Central Village, Central Phuket, CentralFestival Chiangmai, CentralFestival Pattaya Beach and CentralFestival Samui, etc.
  • Promoting Thailand’s cross-region tourism with 34 branches of Central shopping centers nationwide as the best platform to establish the ‘Thais Tour Thailand’ campaign to encourage people from the South to travel to the North and people from the North to travel to the South etc. We have received excellent cooperation from the Tourism Authority of Thailand, tourism associations and also both large and small entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to stimulate the economy and promote the tourism industry as well as support SME entrepreneurs in order to help increase cash circulation within the country. It is expected that the situation in the country will gradually recover, especially towards the end of the year as it will be a festive period along with the easing of safety measures and the relaxing of the government curfew. This is leading to an improvement in people’s mood for travel, and foreign tourists will have a variety of choices when they visit Thailand. The end-of-year festive period will help to encourage spending in the country due to the government’s economic stimulus campaign and end-of-year marketing campaigns. Central shopping centers aim to be landmark destinations for a festival of happiness at all our branches nationwide, attracting both Thai and foreign tourists and with our Central Hygiene & Safe Plus+ measures; we place special emphasis on the number of people in the stores and social distancing,” Dr. Nattakit said.

Central Pattana is joining hands with businesses under the Central Group to offer special privileges with great promotions and special discounts for tourists in the ‘Shopcation Exclusive Privileges’ campaign at all shops under the Central Pattana Group and Central Department Store under Central Retail along with discounts on accommodation at Centara hotels and resorts. Special prices start from only 650 baht per night for a minimum of a 7-day stay and up to 40% discounts on à la carte spa menus and special discount promotions from Tops, Central Food Hall, restaurants under the Central Restaurants Group, sports gear from Super Sports and participating stores under CRC Sports and stores under the Central Marketing Group.

In addition, there are promotions and offers from leading participating credit cards in tourist destinations such as Central World: get a free Bluetooth speaker when spending 2,000 baht using a JCB credit card and get cash rebates when spending with Mastercard at participating stores. Central Village: get a free clutch bag, tote bag and access to the VIP Lounge service when spending with a JCB credit card under certain terms and conditions; get a free dining card worth 200 baht for Food Village when spending 1,500 baht with Mastercard credit card; get a free Visa tote bag when spending 5,000 baht with a Visa credit card; and Central Phuket: get a free cash voucher worth 900 baht to use at participating stores in the shopping center. Enjoy more privileges by simply showing a ticket from Etihad Airlines (**Note: Conditions apply for individual branches. Please check the details at each branch before applying.)