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Thai Real Estate Celebrate Excellence and Build Sustainable Future through Meaningful Design

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Thai Real Estate Celebrate Excellence and Build Sustainable Future through Meaningful Design at the Asia Pacific International Property & Hotel Awards 2024-25

Amid the economic recovery of Thailand after the COVID-19 outbreaks, urban development and new construction in the real estate industry are booming. This includes a wide range of projects such as residential houses, condominiums, hotels, and resorts, all designed to meet the diverse needs of various consumer groups, including residents, tourists, business owners, and investors. This surge presents a significant challenge for professionals in architecture, interior design, and real estate development to collaboratively propose, create, and develop projects that precisely address these demands. Additionally, they must preserve uniqueness and stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

Meaningful Architecture and Design for Tomorrow

In today’s era, architecture and design are not only focused on creating aesthetically pleasing buildings but also on designs that reflect culture, meet functional needs efficiently, and prioritize sustainability. Significant trends gaining considerable attention include health and well-being, as well as environmental considerations. These factors play a crucial role in the development of contemporary real estate projects, prompting brands and organizations to present initiatives that emphasize building a sustainable future. This is achieved through designing residential, hotel, and commercial projects that incorporate these concepts at every stage of creation, from inspiration and design to material selection.

The Asia Pacific International Property & Hotel Awards 2024-25, an event celebrating excellence in architecture, interior design, real estate, and real estate development, welcomed over five hundred (500) guests and industry luminaries. The event recognized over four hundred (400) winning companies from across the Asia Pacific – highlighted 122 awards from Thai firms reflecting outstanding qualities in design, quality, service, innovation, uniqueness, and a commitment to sustainability among Thai industries.

Laguna Lakelands is a project that epitomizes harmonious design with the environment and community. As the largest private residential community in Phuket, it emphasizes nature and supports environmental sustainability. Laguna Lakelands has 5 distinct themed residential areas, Hillside, Orchard, Forest, Lakeside and Lagoon – each with its own distinct character and charm. Moreover, the project focuses on developing “social sustainability” by designing walkways, parks, and community centres for use by surrounding community members, not just residents. This makes Laguna Lakelands a project with a positive and meaningful impact on the local community. Laguna Lakelands: Lakeview Residences has received the Double winner – Residential Development of 20+ Units for Thailand, and Condominium Development for Thailand.

Banyan Group Residences secured the highest number of awards of any developer in Thailand.

“An International Property Awards is a world-renowned mark of excellence and so we are thrilled to have secured no less than 12 accolades this year“ said Banyan Group Founder and Executive Chairman K P Ho. “This recognition is a true testament to the hard work and talent of our entire team. Our dedication to innovation, exceptional design, and creating amazing experiences for our customers has led us to become a leader in Thailand’s luxury development. The awards solidify our position to keep pushing the boundaries of luxury living in Asia and beyond,” said Mr Ho.

Botanica Grande Avenue is a mega mixed-use project combining pool villas, condominiums, and a luxury clubhouse. This project blends natural elements with world-class architecture and high-quality materials to create residences that are both functional and elegantly modern. It redefines the art of living embraced by nature, seamlessly integrating futuristic, tropical, and luxury design tones. “We are committed to delivering quality projects that meet the needs of residents. The recognition of Botanica Grande Avenue by the IPA awards is a testament to the capabilities of our Thai architects and design team, who meet international standards. For the development of the industry and the creation of a sustainable future, we are dedicated to developing excellent projects to bring renown to the Thai real estate industry,” said Thatree Pangote Founder /Design director, RHYME DESIGN GROUP CO., LTD.

These awards are the proof of Thailand’s strength in the global real estate and architecture community, showcasing not only the advancement of Thai design and architectural innovation but also the development of meaningful future-oriented real estate projects in all dimensions.  With these efforts, we take a significant step toward a more sustainable and harmonious future, setting a benchmark for the entire industry to follow.

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