Revitalised Heritage Property Villa le Voile to be Unveiled in 2022

Built in the 1920s, Villa le Voile has been restored by renowned specialists Palazzo Spinelli Institute for Art and Restoration and Stonewest


Slated to open its doors in Q4 of 2022, Villa le Voile – one of the city’s last remaining heritage properties – will be reborn as Vietnam’s premier heritage and dining destination. An architectural tour de force blending indigenous Vietnamese, Chinese, and French influences, the two-storey heritage home is one of only 52 Category One heritage buildings in the city.

The 1,500-square-meter villa was constructed between 1927 and 1930 on a 3,000-square-meter plot of land. With a vision to rehabilitate the building to its former glory, the villa was acquired in 2015 by Minerva Corporation, investing over US$20 million into its restoration. Specialists Palazzo Spinelli Institute for Art and Restoration from Italy and Stonewest from the UK, whose respective body of work include estates, cathedrals, and other historical and cultural institutions, were appointed to undertake a full-scale restoration of the property.

Villa le Voile’s name is inspired by voile (French for “veil”), symbolizing its extensive seven-year journey of studies and restoration – as well as the many layers of history unveiled in the process. Comprised of a main villa, a flexible space for exhibitions and pop-up events, and an outdoor landscape area, the villa will house three dining destinations punctuated by artistic spirit, cultural sensitivity, and heritage promotion.

A place for inspiration, community, and cultural exploration, Villa le Voile will offer a venue for exchange and understanding of Vietnam through exhibitions, workshops, and other programs year-round.