IKEA opens the Circular Shop and Recycling Centre at IKEA Bang Yai driving a circular economy and striving for a more sustainable planet

IKEA Thailand launched two new services, a Circular Shop and a Recycling Centre in support of IKEA’s journey towards becoming a Circular Business by 2030 and to encourage IKEA customers to join the Zero Waste goal, creating sustainability and a better planet for future generations. They can get off to an easy start with the Circular Shop, a service to buyback and resell IKEA furniture, and the Recycling Centre, turning recyclable waste into IKEA Family points and helping make the world more sustainable by adding value to used furniture and recycled materials. The services are available today at IKEA Bang Yai.

“Sustainability is embedded in IKEA’s DNA. It’s something we consider in every process, from product design, material selection, services, and our store operations. We are trying our best to do our part. And we would like to invite our customers to join us in making small changes to create a more sustainable world every day,” said Mr. Tom Suter, IKEA Bang Yai Store Manager adding, “We can drive positive change by designing products that are affordable for everyone, choosing recycled materials to achieve a full cycle of resources. And today, we are proud to open our Circular Shop and Recycling Centre making it easy for customers to participate in our mission to create a more sustainable world. Give a second life to your IKEA products by sorting waste for recycling to create added value.”

Circular Shop, IKEA’s furniture buy-back and resell service

This service was created by IKEA to build a community where IKEA lovers can exchange home decorations, inspirations and IKEA furniture. Each year, millions of pre-owned furniture pieces in good condition go to waste. Therefore, IKEA launched a service to buy back pre-owned IKEA furniture to give chairs, shelves, or chests of drawers as many lives as possible. Customers also receive IKEA Gift Cards to shop for new furniture and redecorate their homes at affordable prices. Afterwards, IKEA will send the products for repair or refurbishment. They will then be brought back for sale to other customers looking for affordable products that remain fully functional providing benefits to both buyers and sellers. And most importantly, this helps reduce waste on our planet.

How to use the service


  • Bring your assembled IKEA furniture that you want to sell to the customer service department on the 1st floor at IKEA Bang Yai. An IKEA co-worker will assess your product and confirm the offer. If you agree with the offered price, you will receive an IKEA Gift Card for the agreed amount. (The terms of service and details can be checked at the customer service counter or at co.th/buy-back-resell)
  • You will receive an IKEA gift card for the agreed amount to spend in the store. The gift card is valid for two years.
  • Your furniture will then be resold at the Circular Shop with a green label with the words: “Hej! I’m looking for a new home.”
  • For the products that are not accepted, if you don’t wish to take the furniture away, you can contact the Recycling Centre. IKEA will then donate your furniture to local charities afterwards.

*IKEA reserves the right to only accept used personal-household IKEA furniture that is complete, fully functional, and in usable condition, with a maximum amount of 10 items per customer per day.  Market Hall home furnishings, items purchased from the original AS-IS section or Circular Shop, and non-IKEA products are excluded. 

Recycling Centre, a convenient recyclable waste collection point

IKEA invites everyone to help reduce their carbon footprint for a cleaner planet by exchanging sorted recyclable waste to earn IKEA Family points.

How to recycle with the Recycling Centre**


  • Earn IKEA Family points for every one kilogram of sorted recyclable waste in these categories: paper, plastic, aluminum and other metals, and clear glass. With every 5,000 points accumulated, you can redeem a 50 THB voucher to spend in stores.
  • Recyclable waste that does not reach the minimum weight of one kilogram can still be recycled by placing it in our designated bin.
  • Electrical appliances, electronic equipment, packaging of chemicals and radioactive substances, and both recyclable and non-recyclable waste are not accepted.

**IKEA reserves the right to evaluate and accept recyclable waste. Materials that do not meet the specified categories cannot be redeemed as IKEA Family points.

“IKEA is inviting everyone to join our journey towards sustainability together. We can easily start at home where each individual can contribute to a more circular economy. And IKEA will continue to create new services and products for a more sustainable world,” concluded Mr. Suter.