Australia’s FURY Takes Home Chicken Dinner at Regional Finals of AOC Masters Tournament 2021

AOCthat hosted between November 2nd and 7th 2021. Competition was fierce, with many of the region’s elite gaming talent pitting their skills and wits against each other in a series of tense PUBG duels.

Ultimately, perseverance paid off for Team FURY, who managed to overcome adversity, including some defeats, and end the tournament at the top of the leaderboard. Trailing in their wake in second place was MiTH from Thailand, then Extraordinaire, and then ‘From the Future’ team from Indonesia, with all teams deserving of credit for their strong will and dedication.

Kevin Wu, General Manager, MMD Singapore, commented, “This was the third AOC Masters’s tournament event, its a collaboration with Mineski Global, PUBG Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds, as well as prominent gaming casters and other KoLs and emphasizes AOC’s commitment to the eSports industry. By conceiving and sharing this marquee gaming event with audiences through Twitch, YouTube and Facebook, we were able to unite the global gaming community. As a top monitor brand dedicated to connecting global gaming communities by playing and winning together, we are truly proud of this, and are looking forward to many more future collaborative gaming events.”

As part of its latest market positioning, AOC has unveiled its three-tiered gaming segmentation, with its newly-branded AGON PRO line targeted at professional team gamers and individuals seeking stardom within the global gaming community. AOC will continue to meet its varied customer needs with new monitor models and accessories and continue to receive industry acclaim and awards.

Enjoy all the winner winner chicken dinner moments of Team FURY, plus epic highlights of the AOC Masters Tournament at Facebook: AOC Monitor.