ETDA Set to Host Big Event to Announce MEiD “Seamless…Thai Services (Digital ID)” Campaign In Collaboration with All Stakeholders to Enhance Digital ID Adoption in Thailand

The Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) and the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (MDES) are set to host the “1st STEP TOWARD THAILAND DIGITAL SOCIETY” and launch the MEiD “Seamless…Thai Services (Digital ID)” campaign with an aim to raise public awareness about the importance and benefits of digital identity (ID), including collaboration with state agencies, regulators, and relevant overseas partners to be invited to share their ideas in an ideation brainstorming session in order to come up with solutions and strategic directions to move Thailand forward with the use of digital ID system to successfully encourage integrated, seamless public services.

H.E. Mr. Chaiwut Thanakamanusorn, Minister of Digital Economy and Society (MDES), said the world is currently driven by digital technologies as all services provided by the public and private sectors are apparently digitized. Several agencies have worked in collaboration to share resources, data, and documents using cloud storage services. It is in alignment with a survey conducted by the ETDA in November 2021 that found the majority of people surveyed want to have more convenient solutions and instant services and effective channels with greater security in order to facilitate their daily lifestyles as digital-driven solutions will help maximize business efficiency and performance in the digital era. It is obvious that the adoption of the digital identity verification process or the use of Digital ID is serving as a key mechanism to get through all digital transactions. The survey also found two-thirds of the people surveyed knew and experienced the use of Digital ID via multiple service providers. Some of them experienced the digital ID system before but might not acknowledge or were not assured if such digital verification they were engaging with is part of the digital ID process. Moreover, people typically prioritize convenience, fast and responsive services, high security, and standardized digital ID services.

The platforms that people greatly want to be integrated with the digital ID process are the government’s public welfare services, followed by platforms related to financial services, household and citizen statistics, and education services. Such drawbacks in government services are a reflection that most people in society might not thoroughly realize about the digital ID even though the digital ID is the key gateway to get through all online transactions as it provides greater security and trustworthiness for users. Therefore, creating public awareness about the digital ID along with collaborating with relevant agencies and organizations in the public and private sectors to push for widespread adoption of the digital ID across digital service platforms in Thailand is the main area of concern that we should give priority to. The MEiD “Seamless…Thai Services (Digital ID)” campaign initiated by the ETDA will serve as a communication channel to deepen cooperation with relevant agencies in order to achieve an integrated digital ID adoption and encourage Thais to adopt the digital ID system for digital transactions in preparation for the future world.        

Dr. Chaichana Mitrpant, Executive Director of the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA), said Thailand has continuously moved forward to promoting the adoption of digital ID in terms of legislation and relevant standards. The country also developed a basic IT infrastructure to support the digital ID process. Recently, the Cabinet acknowledged and approved in principle a development plan for digital ID to facilitate online transactions and ensure security for users through the use of Face Verification Service (FVS). Accordingly, this is a challenge that all relevant stakeholders should pay attention to. The ETDA is committed to elevating the quality of life of Thai people through the adoption of digital technology as the ETDA has continuously promoted and supported Thais to use the digital ID. In addition, the ETDA has proposed the guidelines, standards, and regulatory measures that support the use of the digital ID system in any online transactions as well as collaborating with partners to develop innovations and solutions to enhance digital ID performance via the regulatory ETDA Sandbox project. The ETDA also stands ready to jointly develop the Digital ID framework so as to improve the digital ID services for relevant agencies. In order to materialize an inclusive digital ID platform, it needs to have collective collaboration between the public and private sectors as well as promote knowledge and understanding among the public.  

The MEiD “Seamless…Thai Services (Digital ID)” campaign initiated to promote the adoption of digital identity is part of a team synergy in working closely with all stakeholders to support and encourage Thais to adopt the digital ID system for greater integration of all public services. Activities under the MEiD campaign include communication activities to raise awareness and promote understanding about digital identity for the public to acknowledge how important digital ID is as well as other interesting activities. All activities will be carried out with public communications to be made via social media platforms such as Facebook: MEiD, Line: @meid_thailand, Twitter: MEiD. Moreover, there will be an opinion survey of stakeholders, state agencies, entrepreneurs, and general people regarding demand and supply in digital identity adoption, aimed at estimating demand for digital identity, finding points of concern or pain points, and public perceptions on digital identity services in Thailand. All inputs from the market sounding and opinion survey will be used as a database to determine the strategic development direction of digital identity. Importantly, the Hackathon activity will be launched to find innovations and solutions to address new solutions in digital ID adoption among state agencies, the private sector as well as startups. It also aims to enhance the performance of digital ID to greatly meet the needs of Thai people. 

MEiD “Seamless…Thai Services (Digital ID)” is a key mechanism that provides not only the fundamental knowledge and basic understanding about the emergence of digital ID services for all people to be ready to move forward to the future world. Additionally, it also serves as space for the alliance between relevant stakeholders, the public and private sectors, and regulators to discuss and perceive the framework to reach the goal together” added Dr. Chaichana.

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