DONKI Joins Hands with Seacon Bangkae to Launch 5th DON DON DONKI branch

DONKI Joins Hands with Seacon Bangkae to Launch 5th DON DON DONKI branch

In Response To Greater Urbanization in Western Part of Bangkok, Aiming to Open in Late June 2022


Donki (Thailand) Co., Ltd., operator of top Japanese specialist chain store with a variety of quality miscellaneous goods and consumables imported from Japan under Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation (PPIH), joined forces with Seacon Development Public Company Limited to deepen strategic partnership and collaboration to launch DON DON DONKI Seacon Bangkae branch, which will be the fifth DON DON DONKI outlet in Thailand. It aims to provide a new level of authentic Japanese shopping experience for customers and shoppers residing in the western part of Bangkok on the back of greater urbanization. The expansion of DON DON DONKI outlets also generates jobs and employment for energetic Thais who are enthusiastic about finding new challenges as well as helping to stimulate the domestic economic activity. The new DON DON DONKI Seacon Bangkae branch is aiming to open in late June 2022.  

Mr. Yosuke Shimanuki, president of Donki (Thailand) Co., Ltd, said this is the second collaboration with Seacon following the launch of DON DON DONKI Seacon Square Srinakarin branch in October 2021. We consider that Seacon Bangkae is an interesting mega shopping center in Bangkok’s suburban area. It is strategically surrounded by residential areas with a close proximity to public transportation as it has considerable foot traffic. It is particularly in alignment with Donki (Thailand)’s business development direction that wants to reach out to customers who are living in the western part of Bangkok. Donki (Thailand) is committed to maximizing the popularity and reputation of DON DON DONKI as we will run 10 stores over the next three years to ambitiously pass on the authentic Japanese hospitality, foods and cultures to customers. It is also a way to present job opportunities for Thai people who are looking for new challenges and career growth and help revive the economy battered by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Tatiya Sosothikul, managing director of Season Development Public Company Limited, developer of Seacon Bangkae shopping center, said DON DON DONKI Seacon Square Srinakarin branch has received an overwhelming response from customers, so Seacon Development is pleased to deepen collaboration with Donki (Thailand) to launch another DON DON DONKI store. The company views that people living in the western part of Bangkok, especially in the Bangkae area, are a potential group of customers with high purchasing power, which matches the nature of products and services available at DON DON DONKI as the store offers products and services that are perfectly relevant to customers with specific lifestyles. Seacon Development hopes that the new DON DON DONKI outlet will receive as good response from customers as it did with DON DON DONKI Seacon Square Srinakarin branch. The new DON DON DONKI at Seacon Bangkae is expected to provide Bangkok residents with an elevated Japanese shopping experience and greater convenience and access to high-quality Japanese products and services without traveling to city centers. 

The new DON DON DONKI Seacon Bangkae branch is aiming to open in late June 2022. It is the strategic collaboration between Donki (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Seacon Bangkae Company Limited. The store features a variety of products such as food products, fresh foods, vegetables and fruits, fishes, meats, ready-to-eat foods, snacks, condiments and seasonings as well as general goods and daily necessities, totaling more than 12,000 items. They are high-quality products imported from Japan and there are a range of products that are exclusively available only at DON DON DONKI specialty store, which offers truly tasty, safe, and quality Japanese products. DON DON DONKI is like home to Japanese trends that are easily accessible as a zone featuring an array of instant foods meticulously selected by culinary experts is added. There are also a wide selection of Japanese delicacies with authentic Japanese umami tastes such as confectionery made from Japanese fruits, side dishes cooked using Japanese beef, and choices of Japanese bento menus, aiming to deliver an ultimate experience in authentic Japanese taste and hospitality to Thai consumers. 

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