13th Straits Forum-Chen Jinggu cultural festival held in Fujian’s Ningde

The Chen Jinggu cultural festival, a 3-day grand festival celebrating the sea goddess Chen Jinggu kicks off on Sunday at the Linshui Palace Ancestor Temple in Gutian County, Ningde City of southeast China’s Fujian Province.

Chen Jinggu, the lady of Linshui, has been worshiped as a guardian of pregnant women and children and attracted more than 120 million believers around the world, the majority of whom are from Fujian and Taiwan Provinces.

After thousands of years of inheritance, the folklore belief of Chen Jinggu, which originated from Linshui Palace Temple in Gutian, has become an important part of local culture and extended great influence on Chinese communities around the world.

With an attempt to promote cross-Straits ties, the festival features an array of activities on cultural exchanges and products exhibition to attract investment and talents.

Gutian County endeavors to develop Chen Jinggu folklore belief as a cultural tie uniting people across the Taiwan Straits by investing in the construction of scenic spots and producing related drama and documentary, according to Zhang Chenghui, Party Chief of Gutian County.


Caption: Participants celebrating the 13th Straits Forum-Chen Jinggu cultural festival at the Linshui Palace Ancestor Temple