centralwOrld showcasing artworks by famed illustrators ‘Sundae Kids’ in vertical art exhibition at Groove Gallery Walk on 3rd floor and Zone I from today until 30 April 2022, highlighting shopping center as global destination of creative ideas

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centralwOrld, the global lifestyle destination and landmark, is once again organizing a phenomenal art event by teaming up with globally renowned illustrators ‘Sundae Kids’. The concept for creating art for this event was ‘Love letter to Bangkok’, which is meant to tell stories of relationships of young people through cute illustrations that are friendly and easily accessible. The exhibition will be held at Groove Gallery Walk on the third floor and at Zone I. The vertical art exhibition will stretch from the first floor to the fifth floor of centralwOrld, highlighting the shopping mall as a global destination of creative ideas.

“I’m in charge of drawing, and Kavin is responsible for creating the stories and content behind each piece. Our artworks are in the style of comic essays that have become synonymous with ‘Sundae Kids’. Our collaboration with centralwOrld is based on the ‘Love letter to Bangkok’ concept and we started working on this project during the lockdown. Our artworks tell the stories of the romantic encounters of men and women in Bangkok. The pictures convey the simple relationships of couples who like the same things and find themselves meeting each other again despite several separations. The art showcases the familiar atmosphere of Bangkok that we might have forgotten, and centralwOrld is seen as the downtown destination that brings together different lifestyles of people, clearly reflecting the colorful lives of people in the city. The artworks showcased at Zone I are a continuation of the art shown at Groove Gallery Walk, depicting the stories of people in Bangkok who are ready to start over again after going through bad days. Through our work, we want to convey positive messages to people living in Bangkok to help boost their morale and to reignite the colorful atmosphere of Bangkok,” said Pratchaya Mahapauray or Poysian.

Sundae Kids was established by Pratchaya Mahapauray (Poysian) and Kavin Thienvutichai (Kavin), passionate illustrators who have worked together since 2014. They take inspiration from everything around them, including books, movies and songs. If a particular scene or sentence leaves a strong impression on them, they will create an illustration, product design, animation, comic strip or painting for their fans to see. They never cease to explore new ways and techniques to create their art. Sundae Kids has collaborated with many leading brands worldwide. Their latest work, Love Letter to Bangkok, is a collaboration with centralwOrld. The exhibition can be found at Groove Gallery Walk on the third floor and at Zone I, which also exhibits artworks by other well-known Thai and international artists all year round. Get more information from LINE: @CentralLife or Facebook: CentralWorld Or follow Sundae Kids portfolio on Instagram: sundaekids, Facebook: facebook.com/sundaekidsillustration and twitter.com/sundaekids_