“Roza Family Food” Launches “The Story of Food Memories” Online Quiz to ignite Thais on the value of dining “Home Food” and Reconnect Family Bonds

Upon the 50th anniversary of “Roza Family Food”, an online quiz entitled “The Story of Food Memories” is launched as a part of the ongoing “Roza – 50 Years of Reconnecting Family Bonds” campaign, inviting Thais to recapture the reminiscences of home food stories which are packed with memories of family. With this uplifting online quiz, consumers will travel back to their childhood when ‘home food’ is a center of heartwarming recollections. It is a way to let players appreciate the precious time enjoying home food with their family again as well as let them realize the timeless importance of home food as a tasteful medium to connect the happiness of every family member. The quiz is accessible at https://www.familyhappiness.co/Thestoryoffoodmemories/

Ms. May Wangpattanamongkol, Executive Director of Hi-Q Food Products Co., Ltd., the manufacturer and distributor of Roza brand food products said, “Roza Family Food launched ‘Roza – 50 Years of Reconnecting Family Bonds’ as a campaign to mark our 50th anniversary since late last year. The campaign incorporates offline and online marketing activities to connect each family member with ‘home food’ as we believe ‘home food’ can be a centerpiece of each family and it is one of contributing factors that tightens the ties between family members in Thailand for a better society. Our campaign seeks to communicate with young families as well as traditional extended families with members from different generations. We appeal to them with ‘Roza Home Food Story’ TV commercials and web films as well as a miniseries named ‘FROM ZERO TO HERO’ in partnership with TV Thunder. We also launched video contents along with many YouTubers to convey a message of family relationships through memorable homey menus.

“Roza Family Food launches a new online quiz called ‘The Story of Food Memories’ to specifically communicate with young target consumers. It gives an immersive experience to players as it takes them back to memories of their childhood ‘home food’ menu of bonding which contains sight, taste, smell, and sound as well as a quality time of all family members at the dining table. Then, the quiz takes players back to the present day when they may overlook the most important values in their lives are. All answers submitted will be compiled and summarized into a diary letting players see value in spending quality time with their families who are behind them, whether it is rain or shine, until now. Roza Family Food truly hopes this online quiz will let consumers, once again, understand the importance of quality time with all family members will be emphasized through ‘home food’”, added Ms. May.

Explore your memories with “The Story of Food Memories” online quiz by Roza Family Food. Share your unmissable dishes on your social media by visiting https://www.familyhappiness.co/Thestoryoffoodmemories/ today.