Metasens’ Utility Token MSU Makes Its Global Debut on AAX Crypto Exchange, Expected Team Growth to be over 500 within the Year

First Blockchain Game METASNAKE Beta Drew Over 30,000 Players Globally

Metasens, the metaverse project under Imperium Technology Group (0776.HK, the Group), announced today that its native utility token MSU is now listed on the institutional-grade cryptocurrency exchange AAX, marking MSU’s official debut on global cryptocurrency exchanges. Users can now trade MSU through the AAX platform and enjoy limited time offers, such as an APY of as high as 20% on their MSU fixed savings.

MSU is the native token of the Metasens universe with a token supply capped at 500,000,000. New tokens will no longer be issued once the limit is reached. Users can freely use and trade MSU in the Metasens universe as well as on blockchain games developed by Metasens. When users actively participate and perform well in the community, they will be qualified to receive a certain amount of MSUs as a reward. MSU is also the governance tool on Metasens.

Users who hold MSU tokens naturally become part of the decision-making and governance of Metasens, revolutionizing the traditional landscape of the gaming ecosystem, which is typically dominated by gaming developers.

In addition, users can also obtain and use MSUs in the first blockchain game launched by Metasens – METASNAKE, which has successfully wrapped up its beta with over 30,000 players joining from all over the world. The MSU token will also be the currency for all future blockchain games developed by Metasens. The higher a player’s ranking is in the games, the more MSUs they could claim.

With MSU being the 10th listed GameFi token on AAX, the exchange is actively exploring the Metaverse ecosystem and GameFi acts as a natural gateway to onboard new users to crypto. Following the listing of multiple GameFi tokens from Animoca Brands at the end of 2021, AAX aims to further consolidate the platform’s strategic development in the blockchain game sector through its collaboration with Metasens, embracing the next wave of exponential growth in the crypto world.

Mr Terry Yeung, Executive Director of Imperium Technology Group, said: “It’s encouraging to witness the positive progress that Metasens has been making since its launch four months ago. We are thrilled to see that in addition to the successful launch of our first blockchain game METASNAKE, MSU token has achieved this milestone to be listed on the leading crypto exchange AAX, a critical move for the Metasens ecosystem to go global. The team now is also in discussion with a dozen of global crypto exchanges for the listing of MSU within this year, elevating the token’s liquidity and circulation.”

To realize Metasens’ global roadmap, the project plans to scale its team size to over 500 within this year, meanwhile actively identifying teams and resources that are equipped with suitable technology and talents across Southeast Asia, South America, Europe and so on.

Ben Caselin, Head of Research and Strategy at AAX, said: “The rising popularity of metaverse applications is driven in part by innovation in the GameFi space. We see 2022 as the year of GameFi’s exponential growth. AAX hopes to act as a proactive participant and facilitator in this ecosystem by collaborating with quality projects such as Metasens. AAX will continue our efforts in exploring the GameFi ecosystem and discover more projects that carry great potential for us to partner with.”

The distribution of MSU is allocated by this proportion: 25% for development fund, 22% game rewards, 14% for investors, 12% for developers, 7% for the community, 12% for private placement, 3% for public placement, and the remaining 5% will be allocated to Metasens’ advisors and co-workers.

Metasens airdropped 20,000 MSU and staked 20,000 USDT earlier, with the staked volume exceeding expectation by 46%.