Wynn Receives Five Diamond Honors from 2022 Black Pearl Restaurant Guide

Wynn named Official Partner for 2022 Black Pearl Restaurant Guide event 


Three signature restaurants at Wynn Palace Cotai have garnered a total  of five Diamonds from 2022 Black Pearl Restaurant Guide. Wing Lei Palace earned Two Diamonds for a fourth consecutive year; Mizumi at Wynn Palace has been elevated to receive Two Diamonds  this year and for the first time, SW Steakhouse earned a place in the Black Pearl Restaurant Guide,  receiving One Diamond. These awards are testament to Wynn’s consistently high standards of  service and its contribution toward the sustainable development of Macau as a ‘Creative City of  Gastronomy’. In addition to these honors, Wynn has been chosen as the official partner for the  2022 Black Pearl Restaurant Guide event. In support of this major national culinary event, Wynn  Resorts will work closely with Meituan to bring the best in gastronomy to Macau with the Black  Pearl Restaurant Guide awards ceremony and a series of exciting activities.  

Wynn and Meituan are joining forces in Macau, which will serve as a platform for China’s leading  culinary professionals to come together and exchange ideas. Throughout their time in Macau, these  leaders in gastronomy will showcase the highest standards of Chinese cuisine, promote the rich  culture of Chinese gastronomy and further build on the growth of Macau’s culinary industry. As the  Black Pearl Restaurant Guide strives to establish its own respected restaurant list for the people of  China, the joint collaboration between Meituan and Wynn will also significantly contribute toward the  diversification and sustainable development of the Macau tourism sector. 

Kristoffer Luczak, Executive Vice President of Food & Beverage for Wynn Macau, Limited said: “We  are very honored to partner with the Black Pearl Restaurant Guide in hosting this significant, national culinary event. We are also proud to have this opportunity to introduce more about Macau and its  cuisine to Mainland Chinese visitors through the prestigious guide. This event will showcase the  resilience of Macau’s culinary industry and contribute to the sustainable development of Macau as  a ‘Creative City of Gastronomy’. In future, we will continue to consistently provide exceptional dining  experiences for our guests, in an effort to present the rich, multi-cultural heritage and high standards  of service on offer in Macau.”

As the organizer of the event, Meituan will host a series of engaging events including the Black Pearl Restaurant Guide 2022 Award Ceremony; Gala Dinner; the Black Pearl Restaurant  Guide Chef Club “Chef Forum” and with Wynn, co-hosting Wynn and the Black Pearl  Restaurant Guide “Chefs’ Feast”. These events give celebrity chefs and culinary professionals an  opportunity to network, delve deeper into understanding the Chinese culinary arts and discover the  culinary cultures of past and present.