Nestlé launches “Every Little Act Matters” campaign to inspire Thais to take part in protecting and creating a more sustainable world

Nestlé has launched the “Every Little Act Matters” campaign to inspire Thai people to start changing their behavior and do little acts based on environmentally friendly ideas in everyday life. No matter what lifestyles people are living, Nestlé encourages everyone to play a role in tackling environmental issues. The company has allocated a 29-million-baht budget to drive this campaign through an online video that will inspire people and ignite the belief that they can do their part to protect and restore the environment, creating a better world for generations to come. Nestlé expects the campaign will reach over 25 million consumers across the country.
According to research by Mintel, 62% of Thai consumers believe we still have time to save the planet if we act now. However, only 37% feel their actions can have a positive impact on the environment. This reflects that Thai people are well aware of environmental issues but only a small group of them think doing any little acts can make a difference for the world.
With this research insight and Nestlé’s commitment to sustainability to accelerate the transition to a regenerative food system, this year the company is focusing on communicating with consumers to spark ideas and inspire them to start taking actions and changing behaviors while underlining the positive impact we can make by acting together to look after the world, doing our part to start driving a big change.

Mr. Victor Seah, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nestlé Indochina, said: “Nestlé believes that every little act matters, and by starting with easy, effortless actions in daily life, we can all create a better world. That is why this year we are expanding our ‘Every Little Act Matters’ campaign to inspire consumers with eco-friendly ideas to join Nestlé in protecting and restoring our planet. They can start by taking little actions as part of their everyday lives. As a leading global food and beverage company, Nestlé has been doing our part by innovating recyclable packaging for all our products, reducing the amount of virgin plastic we use by one-third by 2025 to support consumers’ journeys to environmental protection, and taking other actions to fulfill our Net Zero ambition by 2050. These efforts are in line with our 4-pillar Sustainability Roadmap: 1. Sustainable packaging; 2. Water stewardship; 3. Sustainable sourcing; and 4. Carbon reduction.”

This year’s Every Little Act Matters campaign will inspire more people at scale to care for the environment with eco-friendly ideas. The communications strategy focuses on four target audiences who have different roles and lifestyles: the new generation who are outdoor goers, family caregivers, working people, and rural communities in the provinces. The campaign targets these four audiences because people can play a part in caring for the planet while carrying out different roles in their lives.

The campaign rolls out with a hero video ( that raises an interesting question for the audience: “If the world was one big home, how would we take care of it?” The idea of Every Little Act Matters is then highlighted through different people playing different roles in their daily lives, doing their part to care for the world. This includes waste collection, switching to reusable containers, or even simple ideas such as choosing environmentally friendly products, along with restoring the balance of nature so every life can grow in this house sustainably. Nestlé believes that the power of small acts can have a great positive impact on the world.

In addition to the hero video, a series of 31 Director Mix videos on YouTube for specific target audiences will feature ideas about little actions for different micro-moments. They aim to inspire people with creative eco-friendly ideas that attract specific target viewers. Each video will dive deep into a different lifestyle at different times. They will be featured on Nestlé’s social media channels starting in April and May 2022.

“To create a sustainable world, Nestlé would like to play a part in supporting Thai people in their journey to protect the environment. Even a small act in everyday life will change the world to be a better place. With a collaborative effort, together we can pass on a better world to future generations,” concluded Mr. Seah.