Stop Spreading Hoaxes! A Message From Laleilmanino and JKT48 in “Berani Bersuara <3<3"

The Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Informatics with Siberkreasi has collaborated with LALEILMANINO and JKT48 to release “Berani Bersuara <3<3” to emphasize the importance of digital ethics.


Upbeat music and song lyrics have a tremendous influence in conveying messages for the young generation and Gen-Z in Indonesia. This is what underlies the Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Informatics (MCI) with Gerakan Nasional Literasi Digital (GNLD) Siberkreasi, to collaborate with two well-known musician groups, LALEILMANINO and JKT48, in the #BeraniBersuara campaign.

In the spirit of change, the song and lyric video called “Berani Bersuara <3<3” was launched on 27 May, emphasizing the importance of being digitally ethical. In addition, this song also educates the public that having the courage to express themselves does not equal speaking without thinking.

Music as an effective delivery medium for the younger generation

According to recent reports from and Statista, there are around 191.4 million social media users in Indonesia with an average internet consumption time of about three hours a day. Of these statistics, Gen Z dominates the use of social media in Indonesia. Without digital ethics guidelines, Gen-Z is vulnerable to dangerous online issues such as the spread of false information and hoaxes, as well as various unethical behaviors such as disputes, provocation, intimidation, hate speech, and fraud.

In addition, Gen-Z is the biggest consumer in enjoying music and videos on streaming platforms like Spotify. Combining audio and visual as the main elements in delivering messages, a video lyric is the most effective medium in initiating change for the younger generation.

“As the expression ‘thoughtless speech is like the stabs of a sword’ says, our fingers can also become a sword capable of stabbing in the digital world. What we say online can hurt others’ feelings or cause other people to believe in false information. Through this song, we want to invite listeners to be more careful when speaking and reading online so they don’t get caught up in misleading information hoaxes. The title with <3<3 emoticons is a wordplay of hati-hati, which can mean ‘double hearts’ or ‘to be careful’ in Bahasa,” said Nino, a member of LALEILMANINO, a producer and hitmaker formed in 2013, and inspiration to young generations in Indonesia.

“As a generation that uses social media the most, we often forget that on the other side of our screens, there are people who read and watch our words and actions. Like the first sentence in this song, thinking before speaking is a wise thing to do to positively express yourselves in the digital world,” said Sheni, a member of JKT48.

Creating a digital literate generation as a driving force for Indonesia

As digital transformation takes place, digital literacy plays a key role in building Indonesia’s future.

“With Indonesia’s creative potential as a country, it is very important to continue to foster and develop these talents of the younger generation, including the way they express themselves online. Through #BeraniBersuara, we hope Gen Z becomes a driving force who are ethical, productive, and possess digital skills to advance the nation,” said Rizki Ameliah, Coordinator of Digital Literacy at the Ministry of Communications and Informatics.

The song and video lyrics of “Berani Bersuara <3<3” can be accessed at Siberkreasi’s YouTube channel. The upcoming “Berani Dance Challenge” competition will be held with a total prize of five million rupiah. Visit Siberkreasi’s TikTok for details about the competition. For more information about the video lyrics, the musicians involved, and competition details, visit