VIVIN Grocery “Meet the Artisan” All-Thai Cheese Buffet – Meet the Cheesemakers Edition –

After many successful sold-out sessions, VIVIN Grocery’s bi-weekly All-Thai Cheese Buffet will be presenting a very special Thai Cheese Buffet for their “ Meet the Artisan ” Series. Nicolas Vivin, the founder of VIVIN Grocery, alongside Brice Renaud of Dofann and Jarutat “Jart” Snidwongse Na Ayuthaya of Jartisann, was recently featured in CNA Luxury’s “ Meet the dairy kings propelling Thailand’s booming artisanal cheesemaking scene “. 

Now the 3 are coming together at VIVIN Grocery on the 21st of July from 5.00 pm – 9.00 pm to make this one-time Thai Cheese buffet extra special. Leading Artisanal Thai-Cheese Cheesemakers Brice and Jart will be flying in from Chiang Mai to VIVIN Grocery’s cheese buffet to present their cheeses to guests and be ready to answer “cheesy” questions. VIVIN Grocery will also be highlighting Dofann and Jartisann cheeses for this VIVIN Grocery “ Meet the Artisan ” All-Thai Cheese Buffet series. This is a spectacle and feast fit for cheese nerds!

VIVIN Grocery “Meet the Artisan”  All-Thai Cheese Buffet

Date: VIVIN Grocery on the 21st of July 2022

Buffet Open Time: 5.00 pm – 9.00 pm at VIVIN Grocery Bistro at Ekamai Complex.

Ticket Price: 1,290 THB Net per person (Pre-paid 500 THB deposit).

Includes: Highlights artisanal over 20 local Thai Cheese with up to 4 hours to enjoy, also a selection of artisanal and housemade charcuterie, organic salad alongside premium condiments, and of course, artisanal bread.

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Beverages available for purchase *see below*

Bookings: Message LINE OFFICIAL @VIVINgrocery or email 

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Beverages available for purchase:

Beverages are available for purchase during the Thai Cheese Buffet: A La Carte drinks menu highlights; Organic Lemon Soda with Wildflower Honey, GranMonte Grape Juice, Homemade Natural Cola, Organic Tea and Coffee, and more plus Labels by GranMonte available by the glass 240 THB+ / bottle 995+ (red and white).

What Highlight Artisanal Cheeses to Expected : 

By Jartisann: 

  • Saltara Ferari – Cow Cheese
  • Ricotta alla Frutta – Cow Cheese
  • Saltara Thera – Cow Cheese
  • Hidden Agenda – Cow Cheese
  • Syam is Bleu – Cow Cheese 

By Dofann: 

  • Fresh Garlic & Herbs- Goat Cheese
  • Molène – Cow Cheese
  • Sanfah Blue- Mixed Goat & Cow Cheese
  • Longkhot – Ashed Goat Cheese
  • Bûchette de Chiangmai – Goat Cheese