“HÄSTHAGE” The new Collection from IKEA, inspired by the Dala Wooden Horse

IKEA introduced the special HÄSTHAGE collection inspired by the “Dala Horse,” known as the Swedish symbol of good luck and success, created as home furnishings in different designs, both modern and simple, packed with versatile functions such as a throw, cushion, cloth bag, mug, and more, for home lovers who want to bring good fortune to their homes. It’s also the perfect gift for special occasions to deliver greetings and best wishes.

The history of the “Dala Horse,” according to longstanding ancient Swedish beliefs, is that it represents strength and courage, including as a symbol of good luck. Today, the Dala horse is the most famous and best-selling souvenir in the country such that it has become another symbol of Sweden. These days, the Dala horse is a traditional gift in Sweden for any kind of life celebration, including weddings and graduations. It’s a must-have decorating item for every household to bring happiness and good fortune.

The concept of the HÄSTHAGE collection is The Icon for Everyday Lifestyles for which the designer Paulin Machado noted, “The Dala horse is a symbol of Sweden and a recognizable heritage in craftsmanship. We played with the skeletal silhouettes of the cute pony combined with black and white birch to convey nature in a Scandinavian style. The result is simplicity, modernity and clarity. For me, it is a symbol of respect for nature, optimism, and living which means the love of living, even in difficult situations.”

Sample of home furnishing items from the HÄSTHAGE Collection

Throw 790 baht

130×170 cm. grey/black

This super-soft throw is jacquard-woven and has the same pattern on both sides.

Cushion cover 299 baht

50×50 cm. beige/black

Beige linen with natural stain resistant properties. The more you wash, the softer it feels and always looks like brand new.

Cushion 399 baht

50×50 cm.

Can be switched on both sides, like getting two pillows in one.

Mug 79 baht

30 cl. 

A mug painted with the blue Dala horse pattern, made from feldspar porcelain with excellent impact resistance.

Apron 399 baht


Cook happily, worry-free from stains.

Umbrella 199 baht

Carry the drawing of Dala horse for good luck.

Picnic blanket 499 baht

130×170 cm. Light blue

This blanket has a waterproof backing, foldable and fits up to four people.

Bag 149 baht

40×40 cm.

A fabric bag with an inner pocket to keep items in place and find them more easily.

Luggage tag 49 baht/ 2 pieces

9X9 cm. red and black  

Helps you find your luggage more easily with a super cute and outstanding name tag.


Find some meaningful and minimal home decor items that will make every corner of your home cozy in a warm Scandinavian vibe with this cute auspicious horse from the HÄSTHAGE collection from today onwards at IKEA Bangna, IKEA Bang Yai, and IKEA Phuket, and shop online at IKEA.co.th.