Kenan Foundation Asia joins hands with Citi Foundation to announce the success of their project called “Citi-Kenan Micro and SME Academy for Digital Youth.”

Kenan Foundation Asia in association with Citi Foundation has organized an event to announce and highlight the success of their project called ‘Citi-Kenan Micro and SME Academy for Digital Youth’ — where young talents from all walks of life interested in being entrepreneurs were given an opportunity to join a business plan competition. Placing an emphasis on the avid application of vocational knowledge and online marketing, the competition provided a window for the participants to improve themselves and foster skills that are necessary for acquiring access to professional skills as well as the labor market and funding sources. At the event chaired by Mr. Monthon Paksuwan, Deputy Secretary General of Vocational Education Commission — the winners were awarded with funding for their business ideas.

Piyabutr Cholvijarn, President of Kenan Foundation Asia, said “At Kenan Foundation Asia, we are well aware of the devastating impact that the young people — whether they be current students, fresh graduates, or those at risk of getting left behind — have suffered due to the spread of COVID-19 and why many of them are opting for vocational colleges. We also realize how important it is to improve the standards in vocational areas, and just like others, we have worked to promote the professional knowledge that will enable vocational students to become entrepreneurs — especially on online platforms. So, we have run a business plan competition under the project ‘Micro and SME Academy for Digital Youth’ — which I am sure has provided a training ground for the youth to better prepare themselves for the challenges that will arise following the COVID-19 era. I would like to thank every party involved for your support and contribution to the project as we have empowered the participants to harness both their essential and professional skills — which made this project a success.”

Tibor Pándi, Country Head and Citi Country Officer, Citibank Thailand, said “At Citi Foundation, we feel truly honored to have sponsored the project ‘Citi-Kenan Micro and SME Academy for Digital Youth.’ This time we focus on young people at vocational colleges, with aims to foster digital entrepreneurial skills and enhance their overall capabilities — enabling them to become prepared for the challenges in digital ages and grow into a vital workforce that ensures the nation’s future at regional and global levels in the long run.”

Wanvisa Komindr, Corporate Affairs & Citizenship, Citibank Thailand, said “At Citi Foundation, we focus on providing the required knowledge and on preparing the participants to handle a variety of real-world issues. They were trained in a comprehensive collection of courses — which include Business Model Canvas; Insights and Customer Behavior; Content Marketing; the 4S model (Surfaces across Google, Site, Set-up, and Scale); SpeakPro Power Pitching Skills; and, 1-1 Finalist Preparation. The participants were closely supervised by experts over their business plan development and then took part in the business plan competition that valued a vivid application of vocational knowledge and a business idea that addressed online marketing. This project has resulted in a great opportunity for the participants to not only broaden their basic skills but also acquire professional skills as well as improved access to the labor market and sources of funding.”

The project took place between June and July 2022 with 500 participants from 10 colleges — namely, Thonburi Vocational College, Thonburi Commercial College, Bangna Commercial College, Bangkok College of Business Administration and Tourism, Chetupon Commercial College, Donmueng Technical College, Saowabha Vocational College, Eamlaor Vocational College, Minburi Technical College, and Kanchanaphisek Technical College Mahanakorn. All the 500 participants got to take part in the business and online marketing training courses, but only 50 of them were selected to propose their business ideas using the Business Model Canvas to the panel which consisted of experts from various professions. There are Piyabutr Cholvijarn, President of Kenan Foundation Asia; Dr. Wichai Limpitikranon, Senior Manager in Small Business Sector, Kenan Foundation Asia; Kandhapong Jeowkok, Marketing Manager, Kenan Foundation Asia; Wanvisa Komindr, Corporate Affairs & Citizenship, Citibank Thailand; Parawee Srisanga, Director of Min Buri Polytechnic Technology College and Vice Chairman of the Vocational Education Committee, Bangkok; and representatives from Amazon Global Selling Thailand. The list of the award winners is as follows.

  1. The winning prize worth 30,000 THB is “Kham Thai” business group, Miang Kham flavor crackers from Chetupon Commercial College.
  2. The first runner-up prize worth 20,000 THB is “JELBEAR SHAMPOO” business group from Minburi Technical College.
  3. The second runner-up prize worth 10,000 THB is “U-Patcha Brand” business group from Kanchanaphisek Technical College Mahanakhon.
  4. The popular vote prize worth 5,000 THB is “Siri Brand” business group, logo design for business utilizing astrological principles from Minburi Technical College.

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