Warm up before coming to Thailand! “Sungha Jung” shares his finger style guitar techniques, reveals his feelings towards Thailand and lists his must eat Thai menus.

There’s not much time left until Thailand will be able to welcome this Korean hot guitarist “JUNG SUNG HA” or “Sungha Jung” who is praised as “Guitar Prodigy”. Before the “2022 Sungha Jung’s Music Café [MuCa] Live in Bangkok” #SunghaMuCaLiveBKK concert on Sunday 9th October, 6:00 PM at M Theatre will be held, he reveals his favorite room and opens up about many aspects that fans may not know, shares his guitar techniques and many more to warm up before coming to Thailand.

How is your memory towards Thailand? Please kindly tell us some impression from your previous visit.

For me, I feel like Thailand is like another hometown of mine. It is the country I went for my first oversea tour and there were tons of Thai fans cheering me. Every time I perform in Thailand, it was so much fun so Thailand is always one of the countries I would like to go for a concert tour.”

Do you have any favorite Thai food or any menu you would like to eat again? If yes, what menu?

There’s Thai food I really love to eat when I’m in Korea and it’s Pad Thai. I like it very much. When I went to Thailand, I can remember eating a very delicious Pad Thai so when I go to Thailand this time, I would like to eat Pad Thai again. I also know that there’s Pu Pad Pong Karee (Stir fried crab with curry powder). This is the menu I’ve never had a chance to try once so I will definitely try it this time in Thailand.”

Which side of Sungha Jung in 2022 is still the same and which side is different from Sungha Jung in 2006?

Sungha Jung in 2006 and Sungha Jung in 2022’s love for guitar and love for music have never changed. Now I even love music more than I was back then. If I have to think about things that changed, it’s not only me that grow up physically but in terms of music I also grow up.  I learn how to put my own stories into the guitar and music. This probably be the point that is changed.”

Is there any time when you’re feeling bored with the guitar? Either yes or no, please kindly explain us how it’s like.

I’m just an ordinary person as well so there’s some times when I don’t want to play guitar. When I felt like that it’s not only guitar but it’s more like the time when I want to do nothing. If I felt like that, I really did nothing. In that kind of day, I may only lie down, play games or read books. It’s count as a free time or rest time; I use this method to overcome the time when I feel a bit burnout.”

Also, for everyone who’s practicing fingerstyle guitar, are there any techniques you would like to share?

“When you play fingerstyle there’s a technique where most people usually think it’s cool and it’s called ‘tapping’. Playing ‘tapping’ is how you make sound by tapping on the fret. If there’s a tip to share, normally most people usually use their middle finger and play like this but I use my index finger more. If you use index finger, it will give more feels of ‘damping’ and able to create more full sound so I would like to suggest practicing tapping using index finger.”

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