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TELESIN to Showcase Innovative Accessories at Global Sources Consumer Electronics Expo

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TELESIN to Showcase Innovative Accessories at Global Sources Consumer Electronics Expo in Hong Kong, April 11th-14th

TELESIN Innovates Photography Accessories, Awaits Trade Opportunities at AsiaWorld-Expo, Hall 7

TELESIN, a leading manufacturer of professional photography accessories based in China, is gearing up to participate in the Global Sources Consumer Electronics Exhibition in Hong Kong from April 11th to 14th, 2024. With nearly a decade of experience specializing in accessories for action cameras such as GoPro, DJI, and Insta360, TELESIN is now poised to unveil its latest products, including the innovative magnetic neck mount for smartphones, which has been generating significant buzz on social media platforms.

The exhibition will be held at AsiaWorld-Expo, Hall 7, with TELESIN occupying booth number 7S11. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore TELESIN’s cutting-edge photography accessories firsthand and discover more trade opportunities in the rapidly evolving consumer electronics market.

TELESIN Revolutionizes Photography: Enduro Battery & Magnetic Neck Mount

1. Enduro Battery Series: Durable Performance, Reliable Power

For photography enthusiasts, the endurance of batteries, charging speed, and usability in extreme weather conditions are paramount. TELESIN, a leading innovator in camera accessories, bridges the gap between affordability and functionality with its Enduro Battery series.

TELESIN’s Enduro Battery series stands out as one of the market’s best-sellers, offering superior performance compared to standard batteries. With comparable longevity to the original Enduro battery, it boasts the ability to start reliably even in low-temperature environments and supports fast charging. Providing stable and enduring power supply, it empowers users to capture more spectacular moments effortlessly.

The Enduro battery series boasts remarkable features:

– Long-Lasting Performance: Matches original battery endurance, providing continuous power for extended periods:
– 45 minutes at 4K120FPS
– 60 minutes at 4K60FPS
– 100 minutes at 108030FPS
– Extends usage by 96% compared to standard batteries.
– Cold Weather Ready: Instant power-on in temperatures from -20°C to -60°C, ensuring seamless shooting in diverse conditions.
– Fast Charging Compatibility: Supports fast charging for quick replenishment:
– Fully charged in 85 minutes with TELESIN’s fast charger
– 90 minutes with a Hero camera
– Completes charging in only 150 minutes with TELESIN’s pocket charger

TELESIN’s Enduro Battery series and Fast Charging Case redefine action camera capabilities, delivering unmatched performance and reliability for photography enthusiasts in any setting.

2. Magnetic Neck Mount for Phones: Convenience Meets Versatility

In the era dominated by social media, meeting the audience’s demand for first-person perspective content has become paramount. Catering to the needs of vloggers, artists, and riders alike, TELESIN introduces its latest innovation, the Magnetic Neck Mount for Phones, revolutionizing the way content is captured and shared.

The Magnetic Neck Mount for Phones from TELESIN has quickly garnered immense attention in the market, sparking over ten million discussions on social media platforms. This innovative accessory offers a plethora of features designed to enhance the content creation experience:

– Quick Release: Simplify operations with easy magnetic attachment.
– Strong Magnetic Disassembly: Fearlessly shoot with 12 powerful aluminum magnets for secure hold.
– Adjustable Angles: Capture versatile shots effortlessly with portrait, landscape, overhead, and low-angle modes.
– Durable Construction: Triple-layer design ensures flexibility and durability.
– Wide Compatibility: Compatible with various phone models including iPhone, Samsung, LG, Motorola, and so on.
Beyond our featured products, our booth will also showcase and offer for sale hot-selling items such as magnetic selfie sticks and sports neck mounts, catering to the needs of both action camera and mobile photography enthusiasts.

Our dedicated team will be available throughout the event to provide live demonstrations, address inquiries, and offer assistance. Seize the chance to explore the newest innovations in mobile device accessories firsthand!

Exhibition Specific Address:
Location: AsiaWorld-Expo, Hall 7, Hong Kong
TELESIN Booth Number: 7S11

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