L’Astelle unveil its first major fashion show in Thailand!

L’Astelle unveil its first major fashion show in Thailand! With the visit of Royal Highness Kesang Choden Wangchuck of Bhutan Presenting “Traversée le temps” collection, inspired by the beautiful poems of “Linda Pastan”


After establishing a name within the Thai fashion business and becoming a top bridal and haute couture fashion company for more than two years. Since the inaugural fashion presentation in Paris, France in 2020, “L’Astelle” has been known for its distinctive couture-level tailoring and has attracted a large following of fashion fans for its distinctive embroidered patterns and has also become a favorite brand of princesses, royals, and world-famous celebrities. Thipvipa Kitakkaranon, founder and designer of “L’Astelle,” hosted a grand fashion show in Thailand for the first time. The show brought many celebrity guests and showcase the sophisticated work of art of the latest couture collection, “Traversée le temps”, inspired by the poem of Linda Pastan, presenting the beauty of traveling through time, which is conveyed in an elegant and classy of the garment.

The show was honored by Royal Highness Kesang Choden Wangchuck who flew to Thailand to attend this particular fashion show. Including the leading celebrities of Thailand who have joined the event, Nualphan Lamsam, Sikanya Saktidej Bhanubandh, Ployvarin Songpakorn, Sonya Singha, Tirawan Taechaubol, Surachanee Limatibul, Kanachai and Wanna Bencharongkul, Melanie Yoovidhya, Praewpreeya Choomsai Na Ayuthaya, Urapa Maleenont, Warawut and Apicha Laohapongchana, Songyai Insrichiangmai, Juntamon Yampundhu, Benjawan Bavonvisitkul, Dr. Nutthamanee Siripakkaphant, Utumporn Chuluthai, Lalisa-Vinita Srichawla, Paphatsarin Siriakharawit, Phakin Phuprasert, actress Ann Thongprasom, and many more.

“L’Astelle”, a Thai haute couture fashion and bridal brand, was founded in 2019 by Thipvipa Kitakkaranon the woman behind the success with a degree in fashion design from the London College of Fashion and her experience working with the world’s leading haute couture brands led her to perceive high fashion as a piece of art that is valuable than just clothing. Therefore, “L’Astelle” is unique with meticulous detail, every way in which clothing can be formed around the human body, also with custom made which can perfectly serve the strengths and cover the insecure point of the women who wear it. Through the use of high-quality materials chosen from the most prestigious places across the world, a design that is sleek beautiful, and classic is created using a one-of-a-kind embroidered design and embroidery artistry from France.

For its outstanding achievements, L’Astelle has been considered the favorite brand of many world-famous celebrities, including Lady Kitty Spencer (a British model and England’s aristocratic family who is the granddaughter of Princess Diana; Princess of Wales), Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark (granddaughter of Constantine II of Greece and Anne-Marie of Denmark, King and Queen of the Hellenes), Donna Bianca Brandolini (daughter of the Count of Valmaren and Princess Georgina Maria Natividad de Faucigny- Lucinge et Coligny of Brazil), Royal Highness Kesang Choden Wangchuck (daughter of the fourth King of Bhutan Jigme Singye Wangchuck), and Nicky Hilton Rothschild (a stylish socialite).

Thipvipa Kitakkaranon said, “Our brand, L’Astelle, focuses on the refined design, with a touch of French embroidery artistry, high-quality materials like the finest ostrich feathers from England, and a choice of fabrics where the majority are from France, Italy, and England. Embroidered at the same factory that also embroiders the haute couture garment using skilled craftsmen to embroider in great detail. As a result, our garment brings out the best shape of the woman wearing them. The exquisiteness of this collection is the made-to-order evening dresses, every garment in this collection has its own unique design. We are inspired by Linda Pastan’s poem about how we spend time with ourselves and let our imaginations run wild through time, reflecting on the stories and experiences accumulated until they are born into new ideas that have no boundaries. Which prompted us to wonder: What sort of clothing would we choose to wear if we could travel anywhere? What kind of look are you hoping to create for the ladies of L’Astelle? As a result, the costumes we developed reflected our fantasies as told.”

The “Traversée le temps” collection by L’Astelle took more than two years to create a poem expressing the mood of poetry through a couture collection in a timeless silhouette; elegance and classy. This collection embodied stylish women, whether it be a look for a woman who appreciates elegance with hand-embroidered black floral lace with light fold crystals, gold glass beads and metallic thread, enriched with 3D beaded lace flowers, and a white lace fishtail dress encrusted with white pearls, glass beads and pearlescent sequins. Furthermore, the pale green full-length chiffon dress is embroidered with an intricate linear design made of peridot stones, glass beads, sequins, and pale green ostrich feathers. Or silk cocktail dress hand embroidered with light pink and white coque feathers and crystals. Apart from dresses, there are also a light beige silk crepe cady column gown and cape adorned with light gold glass beads and light silk stones in an intricate design. For the color palette of this collection, the design team has selected it more bright and fun by using pastel colors in the design, including the brand’s basic tones like gold, cream, and black, creating a classy and timeless collection perfectly. The design team used the brand’s core tones of gold, cream, and black for the color palette of this collection, making it more vibrant and lively while yet maintaining a classic and timeless look.

In addition, the celebrities who attended the occasion shared their exclusive tips on how to prepare for an important event and revealed their favorite couture style, beginning with Ployvarin Songpakorn said, “When given the chance to attend significant occasions like a friend’s wedding or any other occasion that requires formal attire, I often choose for an attractive evening gown. I always do my preparation, understand the dress code, and respect the event by dressing elegantly and styling my hair well. Everything must line up and be flawless. I’m wearing an haute couture dress for the first time today, and I really love it. The dress is really sleek, which is how I prefer to dress. It looks quite upscale because of the embroidered accents at the top.”

Sonya Singha added, “In my opinion, the needlework details and intended designs of each haute couture garment are exquisite. I adore couture clothing because it makes me feel confident whenever I wear it. This beautiful dress I’m wearing today has colors and patterns that I seldom ever get to wear. However, when I wear it, I really appreciate how the shape flatters my form and has a long evening silhouette that shows off the shoulders. It helped me feel more confident and nicely complemented my skin tone. Tips for choosing a garment for any occasion is to choose a dress that brings out our best features; a dress that can be worn to effectively draw attention to our strengths and hide our insecurities.”

Sikanya Saktidej Bhanubandh said, “I usually wear couture at a formal event like gala dinners, for me, couture garments is unique, refine, and one of a kind dress, which is suitable for wearing to important events. When I have to pick a couture dress, I will first select the brand that represent the brand identity well, as well as the designers. However, it also needs to be sophisticated and stylish, matching my taste, just like this brand. It stands for its very meticulous embroidery work, each design is different and special. So, if anyone has the opportunity to attend a wedding or gala dinner, I recommend to check on the theme of the event and choose a dress that matches the occasion.

Ann Thongprasom said, “I usually wear couture to formal, large-scale events, or events where the concept is sophistication and elegance. I always prepare myself for an event in terms of my appearance and my attire because it’s the first thing people will notice with their eyes. Therefore, always look good, and the perk of wearing a couture garment is that it boosts my self-confidence. Once in a lifetime, a woman should try on couture once. For my today’s outfit, I really like the style and design of it, even if they are full of embroidery but it doesn’t seem loud to me. The length and body shape fits perfectly. I like dresses that are either too long or short, I dislike gowns that are short in the front and long at the back because I believe they don’t flatter my figure.”

Experience the world’s leading couture fashion and bridal brand “L’Astelle” today at Lastelle Boutique G Floor, The Taste Thonglor 11 or via Instagram: @Lastelle.