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“TikTok Shop Mall” Presents Ultimate Seamless Shopping Experiences for Thai Shoppers

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“TikTok Shop Mall” Presents Ultimate Seamless Shopping Experiences for Thai Shoppers, Moving forward to elevating support for all Thai businesses to grow on the e-commerce platform.

TikTok Shop, e-commerce solution for shopping and selling in Southeast Asia, today said ‘TikTok Shop Mall’ is now ready for Thai shoppers and Thai businesses.  It provides confidence, convenience, and assortments from a wide variety of leading brands, stores, and sellers available on the platform.  TikTok Shop Mall enhances the safe and reliable Shoppertainment experience. Align with TikTok Shop’s finding that consumers want to buy from certified stores, buyers can search for and purchase products directly from leading stores in Thailand.

TikTok Shop aims to create an Infinity Loop shopping experience by allowing users to seamlessly discover, consider, purchase, review, and then rediscover, contributing to the growth of Thailand’s digital and creative economies. Statista forecasts the e-commerce market growth in Thailand in 2024 to reach approximately USD 11.63 billion. Meanwhile, Euromonitor expects Thailand’s Retail E-commerce to grow at an average of 15.4% during 2024-2027. Consequently, online marketing and customer support play an important role in creating strategies to drive the e-commerce ecosystem.

TikTok Shop’s study also revealed that 81% of consumers are willing to pay more for peace of mind and confidence that they are purchasing products directly from the brand. This reflects the overall consumer confidence and behavior in online shopping, where consumers seek genuine, high-quality products. TikTok Shop Mall has been piloting the service since early 2024. As of today, there are over a thousand brands, and stores featured in TikTok Shop Mall. Currently, the main product categories in TikTok Shop Mall include Fashion & Accessories, Beauty & Personal Care, Food & Beverages, Electronic Devices, and Household Items.

The Mall symbol of TikTok Shop Mall signifies confidence and an assurance for shoppers that the products are authentic from certified stores. It also allows for easy vetting and identification of reliable sellers. With the Mall symbol, consumers can seamlessly discover brands that match their needs along with enhanced recommendations. A key highlight for buyers is free shipping when purchasing within TikTok Shop Mall.  In case of dissatisfaction, buyers can return items and receive a refund within 15 days.  On the other hand, sellers or brands gain greater customer access through boosted buyer visibility from Shoptabs, banners, and Mall entrances to landing pages. There are also exclusive promotional activities for Mall stores such as Brand Carnivals, Brand Zones. Importantly, Mall stores will receive extra free shipping coupons as well.

Ms.Kornnikar Niwatsaiwong, Head of FMCG, E-Commerce – TikTok Shop Thailand, said “TikTok Shop has been ranked by Priceza Insight as a key player on the E-commerce Channel in the Marketplace category. TikTok Shop Mall is a marketplace that enables brands to create opportunities to directly access products and services for buyers. In return, buyers can be assured that their spending meets their expectations of quality and value. With our ecosystem as a reliable entertainment platform for everyone – Thai creators, businesses of all sizes, and the user community in Thailand – we are confident that TikTok Shop Mall will help bolster Thailand’s digital economy.”

“The launch of TikTok Shop Mall is more than just an e-commerce service, it reaffirms our commitment to helping elevate local businesses. By providing an e-commerce platform for brands and SMBs to escalate their online businesses to the next level of growth alongside established brands in the market.” added Ms.Kornnikar

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