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SECOM Unveils Smart Security for Businesses and Residences

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SECOM Unveils Smart Security for Businesses and Residences, Including New Solutions for Elderly Care at Home

SECOM, the No.1 security system provider in Japan, has launched SECOM Smart Security to meet the growing demands for home and business security. This solution responds to urban expansion, which leads to lifestyle changes and a rise in concerns over crime. Going beyond traditional CCTV cameras, the system ensures 24-hour monitoring services, notifications, and coordinated assistance through the SECOM control center. SECOM is also gearing up to enter the Aging Society market with a new solution, Smart Security Care, designed for home safety and elderly care. Operating under the concept of ‘Caring By Your Side,’ the service targets those who live separately from their parents and strongly desire to look after their loved ones. The aim is to strengthen family bonds despite they are not living together.

Mr. Keita Egashira, Managing Director of Thai SECOM Security Co., Ltd., said that SECOM is recognized as the No. 1 security service provider in Japan. With a network of affiliated companies covering 17 countries worldwide and territories, SECOM offers total security solutions and services (including other businesses) that help ensure security in various areas, including airports, factories, businesses, and residences. SECOM has been operating in Thailand since 1987 and currently has over 50 service branches.

Riding Thailand’s security wave: SECOM maintains a robust market position with high-quality services originating from Japan.

Mr. Sukasom Shuangshoti, Deputy Managing Director of Thai SECOM Security Co., Ltd., provided an overview of the security business in Thailand. He said, “The unique characteristic of the Thai security market is the strong awareness and widespread use of general CCTV cameras, setting it apart from other ASEAN countries where CCTV and alarm systems are considered the primary security solutions. Meanwhile, the security product market in Thailand is poised for significant growth in the coming years, driven by several key factors. These include urban expansion—more people living in cities create a greater need for security systems to protect homes and businesses; changing Thai lifestyles—smaller families mean fewer people are available to look after homes, increasing the demand for security systems; rising concerns about crime— as crime rates increase, people are more likely to invest in security systems to protect themselves and their property; and emerging technologies—new technologies such as AI and IoT are making security systems more efficient and effective, thereby driving demand for these products.

As a premier security system provider in Thailand, SECOM has the confidence to bring greater peace of mind to the Thai people. The company offers a total security solution, including CCTV, alarms, access control, and more. The company maintains strong confidence and extensive experience in alarm services supported by a dedicated team of experts. In terms of the Online Security System, SECOM is the most preferred solution and has the highest market share in Japan.

For years, SECOM has received positive responses from Thai customers, thanks to the established trust in the SECOM brand from Japan, a professional team, cutting-edge technology, user-friendly features, and value-for-money pricing. Also, SECOM offers packages tailored to the diverse needs and budgets of different customer groups. In 2023, SECOM achieved double-digit growth in both new subscribers and outright sales revenue, reaching its highest sales revenue in the past five years.

Introducing Smart Security: A Total Intelligent Solution for Business and Home Protection.

Mr. Akarat Vipanurat, Head of Director Office of Thai SECOM Security Co., Ltd., said, “SECOM has recently launched Smart Security, a total intelligent security solution tailored to each customer’s need. The user-friendly features suit all users, from residential homes to small and medium businesses. With advanced sensors and various Smart Video features, the system can detect various abnormalities and immediately notify customers on their smartphones. This empowers them to stay aware of issues and take necessary actions quickly. Additionally, SECOM Smart Security offers features that empower business owners to control their stores via smartphones. This solution provides users with remote access to open and close the store, control lighting, and adjust air conditioning temperature while also allowing the management of multiple stores from a single platform. It can analyze in-store customer behavior through the Business Activity Analytics feature, leveraging this information to enhance business operations, with all data securely stored on the cloud.

SECOM maintains a strong corporate customer base (B2B) and consistently receives positive feedback, contributing to a steady increase in customer numbers. Meanwhile, the launch of Smart Security has significantly contributed to our expanded presence in the general customer market (B2C).

Entering the Aging Society Market with Smart Security Care: Managing the care of the elders at home.

Building on the success of Smart Security services, SECOM introduces Smart Security Care, a specialized home security system for the elders, aligning with Thailand’s rapid shift toward an aging society. According to the Department of Older Persons, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, at the end of 2022, Thailand had 13 million people aged 60 and over, accounting for 20% of the total population. Of these figures, 10% are elders living alone, and another 4.6% consist of elders living together and caring for each other. Moreover, the aging population is projected to rise, attributed to a low birth rate and extended life expectancy. As a result, the market for elderly products and services holds significant growth potential. In the context of security, the elders are retirees, highly vulnerable, and often lack familiarity with technology. Thus, the design of products and services must prioritize ease of use, convenience, safety, affordability, and reliable after-sales service.

Considering Thailand’s changing demographics, with a growing elderly population and busy working-age individuals who dedicate time to their careers. SECOM has introduced SECOM Smart Security Care, centered around the concept of ‘Caring By Your Side.’ This solution offers three key features focusing on elderly individuals living alone and connecting with family members even when they are not living together. These solutions are:

The innovative Security features encompass 24-hour monitoring provided by security professionals. In the event of an incident, SECOM contacts the customer and collaborates with the police. SECOM can also send the company’s dispatch team as necessary.

The Wellness feature enables caregivers to monitor the daily activities of elderly individuals through an app. To notice even small changes, caregivers could prevent elders’ serious sickness or injuries.

Lastly, the Emergency feature promptly notifies family members and SECOM in case of any health issues with the elderly individual. Family members can quickly receive information through the app, and SECOM supports ambulance arrangements as needed.

To create awareness about SECOM Smart Security Care services, the brand will utilize communication channels featuring the renowned actor Boy Pakorn Chatborirak, a longstanding brand ambassador for SECOM. Joining him as a presenter is his mother, Ngamthip Chatborirak, reflecting the image of a modern family focused on safety, convenience, and peace of mind.

For inquiries about ‘SECOM Smart Security and Smart Security Care,’ contact SECOM service centers nationwide. Reach out via LINE: @secomthailand or call Tel: 02-026-6593. Explore further details at the website www.secom.co.th.

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